Skill Highlight 2 – Communication and Connection

How skillful a Leader communicates is a major factor of credibility. You must consistently communicate well one-on-one and in group settings.

One of my Leader Clients said it best, “Clarity + How we Communicate around that Clarity = Our Credibility.” Learning and applying effective skills of communication ensures your effectiveness as a Leader. Your goal is to make a meaningful connection between your authenticity as a Leader, your message, and your audience – be that one person or many people.

As Leaders, it is imperative that our communication is consistent and credible. We must be able to consistently create safety for dialogue and confidently confront issues.

Safety in the communication environment assures dialogue. Dialogue assures connection – a coming together that can take us to great places not achieved alone. Real dialogue inevitably surfaces conflict – this is a good thing. Build your credibility by confidently and skillfully confronting the heart of the conflict.

You approach performance management and succession management as key areas for consistent communication.

In reality, a Leader is only as effective as those she leads. A Leader is a leader in part because she cares for those she leads. A Leader realizes that if he wants to lead engaged employees, he must develop the individual. The Leader demonstrates a commitment to leadership sustainability in the organization through consistent communication about the development journey.

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About Jeff Brunson

In this whirling 21st Century the individual needs to embrace the authentic self and confidently leverage the energy and power found there. As we entered the 21st Century, I became more concerned about what leaders like you needed for successful influence and personal fulfillment. As we move deeper into this challenging 21st Century, I’m more convinced than ever that the core of my work is in helping individual leaders remember who they are − a trueness. It is about confidence found in your authenticity.

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