One may intend to wade the stream of awareness; but until one steps in, there is no act of commitment.

In the book The Speed of Trust – The One Thing that Changes Everything, Stephen M.R. Covey talks about intent. He shows us that even the best intention is not worth much in the eyes of others unless that intent is played out in one’s behavior. Behavior makes our conviction tangible to the world in which we lead.

Covey also helps us see that intent backed by behavior gets results – and results build trust. The most important point being that trust begins with trusting ourselves – trusting self to keep commitments made to self.

Commitment – or more specifically, one small commitment built on another – initiates the energy required for things to work together for good.

Commitment externally validates your internal intent. A commitment delivers your unique intent into the charge of others’ individual confidence. Another’s confidence is encouraged as you model the confident balance of intent and commitment. You build your credibility as you set apart specific action as it relates to specific intent.

We bring together desire and intent through specific promises to act. We often know these promises as goals. The setting of goals can be a frustrating process when the goals aren’t in alignment with intent. A goal not in alignment with a specific intent is really just an undeveloped strategy in search of a goal (a specific intent).

Begin with intent and then flow to commitment. Trust your commitment as you articulate what it is you desire to accomplish – this is a goal. Then allow commitment, in light of intent, to speak to you about what ought to be done and how you will do it – this is a supportive strategy.

Your commitment is a promise of how even before that how is clear to you.

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About Jeff Brunson

In this whirling 21st Century the individual needs to embrace the authentic self and confidently leverage the energy and power found there. As we entered the 21st Century, I became more concerned about what leaders like you needed for successful influence and personal fulfillment. As we move deeper into this challenging 21st Century, I’m more convinced than ever that the core of my work is in helping individual leaders remember who they are − a trueness. It is about confidence found in your authenticity.

2 thoughts on “Commitment

  1. Congrats on your new book, I am so confident in your ability reading from you since I knew you. Would like to get an autographed copy…..

    Thumbs up mate….keep up the good work

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