Confident Interaction

There are many portals to pass through in order to nurture an authentic flow and unfold your Desire & Intent. Your Desire & Intent made real creates the prerequisite safety which opens the dialogue portal. Your authentic leadership is sustained as you commit to an organic form of transparency: Confident openness which flows from your true core.

It was this form of transparency, flowing from commitment, that called upon Allan’s VP, John. The organization has been in very stressful times for over two years. And John had feedback to share with Allan that initially only added stress as Allan fought to manage in such times. Some of Allan’s team were not experiencing the leadership they needed.

From the moment I began to work with Allan, I was impressed both by his commitment to improve and who he was as an individual. Allan quickly targeted key relationships in crisis, committed to action, and began to interact with authenticity; doing so with refreshing transparency.

Through these confident interactions, and the dialogue that organically followed, relationships and results began to improve in Allan’s area of responsibility. Allan wonderfully summarized his journey when he expressed, “I was trying to manage my way out of this and now I am leading our way out.”

My biggest thrill in this work was being present to hear John say to Allan, “I am so proud of you!”

Another confident interaction.

(see Skill 2 for 21st Century Leadership)

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About Jeff Brunson

In this whirling 21st Century the individual needs to embrace the authentic self and confidently leverage the energy and power found there. As we entered the 21st Century, I became more concerned about what leaders like you needed for successful influence and personal fulfillment. As we move deeper into this challenging 21st Century, I’m more convinced than ever that the core of my work is in helping individual leaders remember who they are − a trueness. It is about confidence found in your authenticity.

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