The Client Letters – One (Jimmy Neil)

Jimmy Neil,

Because of your impact in this world, I chose to write to you first in this series of Client Letters. I love the camaraderie we share as students of great 21st Century thought leaders. We don’t just read their writing, we study. You are diligent in your learning to support your brand as The Architect of Experience.

Although we have not worked together in the Coaching relationship for several years, I want you to know how meaningful that time was for me. While I trust  benefit was achieved on the part of the Client, be assured the Coach found treasure in the experience. It was my pleasure to be in the presence of the leader who has done so much in the conscious cause of Story and Storytelling.

Since going public with your organization’s challenges, I have not followed through on my intention to schedule one of our meaningful dinners. For that I am deeply sorry. We will remedy that. It is the reality of the challenges, and the awareness of your impact, that made me choose you for the first of my letters.

The Architect of Experience. In building this brand, you committed to not only telling your own story, you have lovingly shared with us how to tell our own. My work – my art – was forever impacted by your challenge to narrow my focus and providentially broaden my own impact.

From our work:
Jimmy Neil is committed to the architecture of experience … experiences that are designed to discover the hidden power and potential in our lives and communities. Jimmy Neil is a visionary and is not afraid to dream of things others see as impossible. He learns … he loves … he lives. Life is short – live it fully. He’ll leave this world better than he found it.

Thank you my friend,

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