The Client Letters – Two (Dave)


How fitting it seems to write this as we approach Memorial Day. You will understand why. You came  to me after receiving the charge to transform your yellow pad. If I remember correctly, it was something like; You are really good at carrying around the yellow pad with tasks that must be done. I need you to transform that pad to become more strategic. This is when you and I began our dialogues to discover and understand the unfolding narrative; the story unique to who you are as a leader.

As we talked, I learned your basic story; you were raised by a Drill Sergeant. Your wonderful dad taught you well. You earned your reputation as one trusted to implement. Your dad taught you how to act and implement efficiently. You then told me how your implementation experiences through the years had led you to the guiding philosophy of HITC FITM (head in the clouds, feet in the muck). I began to know you as a great storyteller and to understand your ability to lead with story. You manage interactions during implementation in a way that assists the unfolding purpose of the larger story.

So, I learned your back story. Also, I learned you have a driving front story; your Desire & Intent:
~ Challenge, motivate, and inspire individuals to thrive, succeed, and own
~ Lead strategically while making the future real in what we do today
~ Be truthful, honest, straightforward, and caring – make others feel that what they do makes a difference and is appreciated

As you lead in this Desire & Intent, you have set an overarching goal as you lead with ever-increasing levels of effectiveness: Take the value of getting things done, combine with my ability to design the future, and tell the story.

From your dad, you learned to leverage the middle ground – between the story (strategic vision) and the actions presently required to implement.

It is a pleasure to be a partner in amplifying your voice of Integrity & Honor into the world,

2 thoughts on “The Client Letters – Two (Dave)

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  2. Jeff,
    I think it is wonderful that you have brought the subject of love into your leadership message. In a world where we must be politically correct and very mindful of anything that could even appear to be sexual harrasment, we have lost the art of bringing love into our work and our workplaces.
    Since I am always living far outside the proverbial box, I however have brought the word love back into my work. I tell my staff every time I interact with them that they are so appreciated and such a blessing to me. I take time to listen when they need my attention and unconventionally, I tell them I love them every time I leave them – (it may be the last time, we never know) Additionally I have brought the subject of love into caregiver training. The world and the workplace needs more love and less fear and perhaps then, our days will become easier.
    Love to you my friend,

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