The Client Letters – Three (Ric)


Serendipitous? Frankly I do not believe it was completely by chance that I came to my Saturday morning writing place – to write this to you – and found myself in a conversation with Jacob.

Jacob is a young man who works at this coffee shop and continually pays value to me and my work with his interest and very presence. Today he talked about how he has expanded his connecting efforts from groups to a one-on-one genre. Hence my relationship with him. Jacob is living and modeling A New Confidence.

It was funny how neither Jacob or I said good morning, he just jumped right into conversation. Immediately, I was smiling as I felt the correlation of Jacob’s words and my writing objective for the day. That objective includes my appreciation for who you are – the power of your presence. It is also about being certain you know how much I value the trusting friendship that has grown in our connection.

“The most successful messages are a story. Understanding the why makes the how so much more tolerable.” This is something you wrote in your guest post on Messaging. Purpose provides direction. You have committed to getting to your why; your purpose. To be engaged at this level is to live A New Confidence (the lizard brain is roadkill).

Squashing the lizard brain moves you beyond the ‘tell’ where you are personalizing a larger story by personally and courageously telling your own story. Your power (your art) flows to others because you care about them – their creative freedom.

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6 thoughts on “The Client Letters – Three (Ric)

  1. “Understanding the why makes the how so much more tolerable.” Boy, that’s a great sentence ripe for application. Our medical system is great at telling patients “what” and “how” (how being the treatment) but not the “why” or the reason behind “what” is going on. Consequently, patients are non-compliant with their treatment. If they knew the why they would be far more likely to comply. That sentence should be tattooed on every physician in this country, ha!

  2. Wow. Jeff, all I can say is wow. You have blown me away with this post. First, by quoting a fascinating article by my hero Seth Godin, and secondly by talking about the connection between you and Jacob (and, in turn, Ric.) I love the concept of caring about one on one relationships in this day and age of social media and widespread (read: thin) connections. Even in the social media construct it is the one on one that ultimately counts in the end. Thank you Jeff!

  3. I love the idea of just jumping into conversation without have to wade through the “hellos”–to me that is a real conversation. For me the most meaningful conversations move beyond the “stories” we tell about ourselves and our lives and down into the “real story”–the why, the how and what we think about in our quiet moments. Thank you for this posting, Jeff.

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