The Client Letters – Four (Garrett)


Your 2010 focus was, “Be consistently aware of what I desire to do.” I believe it was this focus that got it all started; the energetic interaction in which you engaged with key nodes in your network.

You and I talked about shopping your value in the market. However, if I accurately remember, I encouraged you to first understand value in the language of those who had been served by that value.  Servant leadership is only achieved by a serving spirit. You are a serving spirit. Your personal brand is in how you provide caring, coaching, and confidence in each interaction. At the base of this brand is your Voice: Caring.

You took the challenge and networked for value with those key nodes. You entered these conversations in a manner that would support your living desire for yourself and others:

  1. Increase confidence in what you bring to the table as a leader
  2. Consistently act on  your mission of helping others get to a place they could not get to on their own
  3. Prepare for career events and opportunities as they are presented to you

After these conversations, you said to me, “This direct stuff has validity.” The stories you shared from these networking for value appointments illustrate the following: The power of purpose (brand); The power of commitment; The power of presence. You increased your confidence in what you do as a leader. You reinforced your commitment as a servant. You now flow through each moment more aware of the opportunities offered to you.

On behalf of all who are benefactors of your brand of leadership, I say, “Thank you for confidently being you.”


11 thoughts on “The Client Letters – Four (Garrett)

    • Absoulutely Sue. Heidi asked about my business model. It is simply Gather, Give, Grow. So, you can see where the change and growth part really comes into play in my own sucess. I guess I’m saying that their success is my success. That is kind of an understatement; right?

    • You are so right about presence Mel. Garrett is a very present leader. Next time I see you, remind me to tell you the story of when he and I met for the first time face-to-face … after he completed my foundational coaching program by phone.

  1. I really like your reminder to Garrett to “first understand value in the language of those who had been served by that value.” We really have to understand the value we provide to others and to be able to speak in language that communicates to them. We can provide what we think is value, but if our clients don’t “get the message” we miss the mark as leaders. You provide such a valuable service to your clients, Jeff, as evidenced by this letter to Garrett about the changes he made.

    • Linda, you are so right … there is power in focusing on value when it comes to our service. And part of our service is that clarity about which you speak!

  2. I love these letters, Jeff. It is a reminder of the gifts our clients give us. Focusing on how we serve and joy our clients’ successes brings is a wonderful way to celebrate our leadership role. Thank you for sharing.

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