Reflections for Your Awareness (The Flow of Why)

It’s not enough to just ‘tell’ people that something has to be done. A story has to be a part of that telling, and that story has to be repeated. Often. Clearly. Consistently. The most successful messages are a story. The best stories are personal. If you make the story your own as part of the telling, it will be that much easier for your audience to attempt to make it theirs, as well.  -From post 6/21/2011 by Ric Gonzalez, Woo Woo Leadership

Doug understands that there is a new reality in the 21st Century workplace. He further understands the importance of each individual’s embrace of a new understanding; stop and see what is good around you. This pause is necessary to understand why with the clarity required.

The clarity is to fortify one’s accountability that flows through individual voice. As voice guides, you hold tight to the accountability of your story. The why is never found in the slides of a presentation. Why is found at the meeting point of message and individual story.

In the flow of why one can more easily connect with the positive and powerful aspects of accountability; making the story their own.

The new reality will be all-consuming without a new understanding. In this new understanding there is freedom to be claimed in the flow of a new confidence. In the 21st Century we no longer wait for those “in charge” to provide the clarity required. Acting in  a new confidence demonstrates the accountability assumed in the flow of why.

4 thoughts on “Reflections for Your Awareness (The Flow of Why)

  1. Jeff, I like the way you circle back from storytelling to accountability. Thanks. I have found that being in business on my own it’s the accountability partners along the way who help keep my feet on the ground and my eyes on the goal. I know the story. They make it real.

  2. I think “why” is one of the first things leaders need to help people find. And stories are a perfect way to personalize the why. “Why is found at the meeting point of message and individual story.” How very true!

  3. “Why is found at the meeting point of message and individual story.” This is so true–you don’t get a why from a slide. I’ve never been moved by a simple fact or statistic, it’s the story and meaning behind it that inspires.

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