Reflections for Your Awareness (A Soul Leader)

What’s hard is true, spiritual leadership.  I’m talking about the kind of leadership that comes from your soul.  It’s the kind of leadership that focuses on the spiritual work that each individual is longing to undertake that is hidden behind the guise of the tasks they have to get done. Manage the tasks; lead the people.
-From post 7/09/2011 by Ric Gonzalez, Woo Woo Leadership

Jim is at a point in his life where, in order to be true to self, he must serve consistently. In order to serve as he most desires, and focus on the best outcomes, he must balance himself across individualized significance. As with Jim, our work of leadership is spiritual when it flows from the soul.

Few have the courage to explore publically a topic such as spiritual leadership. The author of the above excerpt does. Maybe it is in part due to Ric’s search for such in his own work. Part of the true leadership experience is confidently doing your own spiritual work; applying personally a principle of self-care for selfless service. Conscious of your own purpose, you increase your ability to respect the strengths and potential of others. As you have discovered for yourself, purpose frees you to focus with confidence on what is most important.

Confident with self, you facilitate confidence for others as they connect through the work. This is leading from the soul. Individuals do not want to be managed. Individuals desire to be led.

5 thoughts on “Reflections for Your Awareness (A Soul Leader)

  1. The concept that people look to develop their soul through their work is an ancient concept and one that artists and creative types have known forever. It got lost in big organizations, but we are beginning to discover it again. Nice work!

  2. “Confident with self, you facilitate confidence for others..” I really like this line and believe it is a great reminder of a proper order for such things. Thanks for sharing, Jeff!

    • Thanks Eric for taking the time to comment. As you know, the power others need from us as individuals comes from one’s true, authentic self. Thanks for what you do and for how present and authentic you are. I miss being in your presence and hope to remedy that very soon.

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