Reflections for Your Awareness (It is Personal)

It’s hard to get anyone to truly hear your story until it’s personal. We have to make the story personal.
-From post 7/20/2011 by Ric Gonzalez, Woo Woo Leadership

Our Christmas 2011 was experienced in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. On the evening prior to returning home (Christmas evening), I went to the desk clerk to get some coffee as the housekeeping staff had been given the day off. Deanna retrieved my packets of coffee and we began to talk. Her son was departing to Afghanistan the very next morning. On the way in from dinner that evening, we stopped by the lobby as I saw a young man talking to Deanna. I was able to shake her son’s hand and wish him the best. It is a powerful thing to know someone’s story.

Love goes beyond expectation. It is accepted that a leader should be clear with his or her expectations. Too often however, many fail to understand what an expectation conveys in true form. Expectation must communicate desire, intent, and confidence.

Love flows from the confident leader who knows purpose. Purpose shines through a personal narrative that is told in each action as a leader; actions which are consistent expressions of one’s personal story. My friend Judie is free to love by choice and she is free to love differently and equally. She delights in your presence. I am certain Judie would have delighted to be in Deanna’s presence and to share personally in the story of her brave son.

There is a new confidence found in the connection that stories provide. As a storyteller you are present with your love and we have love in your presence. Love is the leader’s power to move us through fear and limitation. The why of love is anchored in one’s personal story. We trust the loving storyteller. So live a narrative that brings desire and intent to tangible reality for self and others.

6 thoughts on “Reflections for Your Awareness (It is Personal)

  1. Beautiful Jeff. How great that you were willing to take the time to listen to the mother’s story…and as we all know every soldier has a story. Congratulations on shaking the brave young man’s hand.

  2. The felt connection that happens when we listen to and know a person’s story allows us to work (or play) together and achieve far more. Thank you for sharing this, Jeff. The point was brought home to me yesterday when I heard a client tell about a trip took she with people she didn’t know very well. She was dismayed when her travelmates sat at dinner and all played with their iphones instead of getting to know each other better. What a different experience that trip would have been if they’d made that human connection.

  3. Stories are so unbelievably powerful – it’s as if, when someone starts telling a story, I am transported back to childhood and I can’t wait to hear what happens next!

    Jennifer Bourn, Bourn Creative

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