Strategic Storytelling

If I share a story with you, it is because I care. My own leadership love compels me to tell you a story. And from that, I desire you find a purposeful role in a larger, engaging story; a story that compels your own authenticity in a turbulent 21st Century experience.

Through my work with story, I am committed to the power of the individual. Organizational (collective) impact will never materialize without the commitment of the individual. In the 21st Century there is a level of enlightenment expected. Part of this enlightenment, as explained by the authors of Influencer: The Power to Change Anything, is to understand the individual behaviors required to drive desired outcomes, and focus there.

The 21st Century belongs to the aware, focused, and loving leader. The impact of your leadership is intended for the benefit of all.

Why Story and Storytelling?
Interest creates energy. In this 21st Century, strategic behavior is more important than ever throughout the organization. It is time for individuals to be energized by a common story of interest, and to collectively align energy in a strategic balance in order to tell the story.

The Story Objective
We must create an implementation experience where we leverage individuality and the power of the collective energy in designing our future; a strategic view that brings the future into the present with Clarity, Engagement, and Connection.

The Next 7 Posts are a journey through the power of story. I will travel along the path of the 7 Skills for 21st Century Leadership as I align each with the chapters of my book, Wading the Stream of Awareness – all the while integrating what I’ve learned (and am learning) as a facilitator of Strategic Storytelling.

The Journey
You ( A Source of Impact)
Others and You (Reach)
Others and Your Purpose (Push and Articulation)
A Foundation of Service (A Confident Connector)
Service with Purpose (In Your Presence)
A Purposeful Teacher (Expertise)
A Steady Walk (Free in the Story)

There is indeed a new confidence discovered in the connection that story provides. It is my desire and intent that you find joy in the journey.


8 thoughts on “Strategic Storytelling

  1. You’re right, Sue. I love storytelling. It is such a great way to connect and share. The first paragraph says it all: “If I share a story with you, it is because I care. My own leadership love compels me to tell you a story.”

    I can’t wait to go on this journey with you, Jeff.

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