You – A Source of Impact

If there is a simple clue to personal and professional growth, it just may be that interest creates energy. And possibly the most pertinent experience of true growth and development is the journey itself. Sometimes we find purpose and sometimes purpose finds us. The connection to the energy of one’s purpose cannot become tangible without intention; a courageous interest for impact.

Relaxing into one’s purpose is not a step by step process one can learn and apply. It is a journey within the journey. The path is charged with peril, not the least of which comes from within our self. An interruption to the learning process as we move along is the need to control.

Even while earning a certain meritorious level of my own expertise, I was led to realize the need to release; to let up on myself and let go. It is a wonderful thing to observe the flowing expertise of another; and wonderful still when we observe our own flow.

How do we measure impact? The answer begins in your own unique Desire & Intent for those you lead, influence, and serve … those for whom your story has impact.

The impact you most desire unfolds and is accomplished through what you already possess: Your own authenticity in your own Story. Trust yourself.

Trust Yourself (Expertise)

In the agitation of intentional transition
a threat to confidence I consciously allowed.

Soul asks, “Do you know what you can do?”
and reminds me of a casual style avowed.

A loving voice not my own exhorts, “Trust yourself”
melting the icy texture of fear into knowledge matured.

With casual trust I float in creative flow
exiting a bubble of limitation with confidence assured.

−J. Brunson

21st Century Skill: Personal/Professional Growth Management
Book 1, Chapter One: Impact
Ric’s Reflection

7 thoughts on “You – A Source of Impact

  1. This is one of my favorite posts, Jeff. I agree that “interest creates energy.” I truly believe that our interests and passions are gifts and when we allow ourselves to embrace those things, our purpose becomes clearer.

  2. I also love the quote, “interest creates energy.” I was especially moved by your poem. The reminder that finding life’s purpose is a journey within a journey- exactly what I needed. Thank you!

  3. I guess we are all pinging on the “interest creates energy.” I agree – I’ve always told my clients that a strong vision creates enough passion to overcome fear. Very similar!

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