Others and Your Purpose (Push and Articulation)

It seems all they needed was a picture.

Mike is a dedicated supervisor of the town’s water division. Excellence is in his nature. For months he tried to communicate to his staff how to leave a resident’s yard in a near perfect state after a required excavation. One day he turned his truck onto the street where his crew had completed a job and were in the process of gathering up things around the site. Mike brought his vehicle to a screeching halt, jumped out, and shouted, “Don’t move!” He instructed each person to look around the site one aspect at a time while he carefully painted the picture of a perfect job.

Mike helped his people clearly see what was good and excellent. In the picture he gave them was the gift of why. Mike’s previous messaging did not connect because it missed the why component.

The sequence of why, what, and how is important as you lead others from clarity to engagement to connection. Why is the beginning and it is not a one-time proposition. It is a perpetual dialogue; a new conversation with life. After the initial push, pull them along with the energy of the story−the articulation. In doing so, you add to the gift of why by completing the sequence through what and how as the story unfolds.

Mike did not set up the perfect story. He was simply present enough to know it when he saw it−and to then tell it.

To Be Led (A Leader’s Presence)

In time of virulent insecurity, a swarm devours thought;
the hum drowns out voice.
Deaf to the distraction, you focus where you ought,
guiding me to a new choice.

Trusting what is best for one is best for all,
from failure you refuse to protect.
Your courage fortifies accountability to stand tall;
I now succeed in what I select.

Energized by learning, and driven by a need to share,
you helped me clearly see what is good indeed.
Now I offer in the whole this extension of care,
and lead others to listen inside for what they need.

−J. Brunson

The Reach of a Story
21st Century Skill: Messaging
Book 1, Chapter Three: A New Confidence

4 thoughts on “Others and Your Purpose (Push and Articulation)

  1. Love that he created a vision of the perfectly completed job site for his workers. Your writing is beautiful Jeff. It keeps getting better and better. Thank you for sharing “the why.”

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