A Foundation of Service (A Confident Connector)

I have prayed for years for one good humiliation a day, and then I must watch my reaction to it. In my position, I have no other way of spotting both my well-denied shadow self and my idealized persona. −Richard Rohr, Falling Upward 

Who are you? Really?

Trust me, the real you is the one needed in your network−the true space of service.

Connection is indeed an art. Inspirational art does not exist when we are hidden behind a false-self. The humiliation (the falling) keeps our art honest, and true. Steven Pressfield says, “Do your art.” Seth Godin says, “Ship it.” While I completely agree with them, I add a warning: Do not do either without the connection to who you truly are−the real self; intended from the beginning.

Before being a connector, there is the obvious (I hope) work of connection with who you really are.

I have been in a pool of deep consciousness for the past two weeks as I write this. What a wonderful submersion. This I wish for you. And whether they consciously realize it or not, those in your network deeply desire you to be connected with your idealized persona before attempting to connect with them at a serving level.

Free to Serve

A question haunts;
Have I properly served in what you need?
Accountability beckons;
There is power no doubt in a voice freed.

No excuse are distractions of a day,
a voice silenced in the fray.

Refocused and ready I now stand,
authentically offering the serving hand.

An assertion made;
Important you are and free I remain.
A promise kept;
To serve you and the collective terrain.

−J. Brunson

Do Your Art
21st Century Skill: Networking
Book 1, Chapter Four: Voice

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About Jeff Brunson

In this whirling 21st Century the individual needs to embrace the authentic self and confidently leverage the energy and power found there. As we entered the 21st Century, I became more concerned about what leaders like you needed for successful influence and personal fulfillment. As we move deeper into this challenging 21st Century, I’m more convinced than ever that the core of my work is in helping individual leaders remember who they are − a trueness. It is about confidence found in your authenticity.

4 thoughts on “A Foundation of Service (A Confident Connector)

  1. This is so powerful, Jeff. This posting, so quiet contains such an important message–that inspiration connection doesn’t exist behind a false self. Thank you. Sometimes it is difficult when we’re in the middle of a major transition when we don’t know quite what it will look like…

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