Service with a Purpose (In Your Presence)

A lack of purpose, of meaning−is the precise suffering of suffering! … The soul can live without success, but it cannot live without meaning.
−Richard Rohr

If you desire to know purpose, then discover the gift you offer in the world. Your gift−entrusted into your being in the beginning−is a beacon directing you to purpose and meaning. If there is any rhythm, or order, to one’s purpose, it is in the freedom of authentic presence.

“Being with” is a phrase that has become a part of my consciousness−making me more attentive to flow and true freedom. To simply be with is by nature the purest act of connection from one to another. It is about being present in the presence of another.

In being present, I move not because of expectation, but in expectation. There is something to be gained in your presence; in the flow of your unique story. I delight in the expectation of what I may learn about you. In the enchantment of connection, we are joined together−affixed by individuality.

Honor your transition from the old confidence to the new confidence. It is a transition of intention and not many enter it. The transformative journey requires great courage and spiritual stamina. It is in this space between the old and the new where you bring to light authentic success−your gift and the essence of you.

Liberation (Delight in Your Presence)

To be special in this world,
to be uniquely who you are,
is rhythmic freedom and flow.

In the safety of friendship,
in the simplest form of love,
I like all of you I know.

In your presence I delight,
an engaging sequence of creation.
With distinctiveness in full right,
we share authentic liberation.

−J. Brunson

Being With
21st Century Skill: Giving
Book 1, Chapter Five: Presence

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