Skill 2 Encouragement – Invite Others into the Flow

The spirit of the invitation into the flow:
1) Passion allows Vision.
2) Energy funds Passion.
3) Love is Energy.

Your unique Desire & Intent can become one of your most effective methods for execution; if you trust yourself and allow it to energize how you communicate and connect.

Now is the time for a loving expert. Consciously travel through the focused portal of your expertise−an energy that floats passion. For the 21st Century leader, focus is organic transparency; confident contribution flowing through a unique style of leadership love. Trusting your own purposeful love as a leader, you build a consistent, organic interaction−it occurs as needed, and desired, and courses an instinctive flow.

The beauty of influence is that it is an extension of the good will inside of one person directed at others. It is a nurturing force. It stimulates interaction. It promotes growth. It encourages collaboration. It heals. It bonds. It draws positive things together. It is one of the manifestations of love within the vast net of human connections. −Ric Gonzalez, Woo Woo Leadership

Love is not a destination, result, or outcome. Love is a method connecting passion (internal) to energy (external). Invite others into the story (the flow). Story is alive in your influential energy, folds into your expertise, and unfolds in your brand of leadership love.

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