Skill 3 Encouragement – Living From the Middle

Only from the middle can I connect the:
1) Why
2) What
3) How.

It is the sequence of why to what to how that actually allows me to stand safely in the middle of the flow.

We do not have a message−a melody to be heard−until we have the sequence in its fullness. What is the message of you? When the answer to this is painted from your original essence, this is art.

Articulating your purpose and engaging others is all about displaying your art in just the right way.  −Ric Gonzalez, Woo Woo Leadership

Hang your art in the middle.

While it may be difficult logic, the score is written and played all in continuing unfolding moments. The tension of everything belongs will only make sense from the balance of the middle.

See companion post, Life in A Perpetual Dialogue

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