Skill 4 Encouragement – Our Experience Together

True connection is in our experience together:
1) Connection is an art.
2) Inspirational art is authentic.
3) We connect only at authenticity.

A transitional, introspective journey has forcefully granted access into the thin space between soul and spirit. In this space I found that it is not either attachment or detachment, but both/and.

Being in this ambiguous fissure seems like the last experience of any value to true, real connection. Yet, in any true connective experience, the spark that fires our spirits together is rubbed from this space. It is a combustible result of the friction between who we are individually and what we need collectively. This, in my view, is what art is all about.

Art is an expression from the core of a unique individual to the collective union in a larger story; with each artistic expression intended to bring us closer together.

What does it mean to connect at authenticity?

What if we have nothing in common?


Like it or not, regardless of what shows on the outside, we are all interconnected. Our experience together is advanced by authenticity−yours and mine.

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5 thoughts on “Skill 4 Encouragement – Our Experience Together

    • “Ultimately Authentic” … a great term for what lies ahead. I do believe however that we have some accountability to live the ultmate in the now … together. Thanks for your comment.

  1. When you think “both/and” about things we used to think were opposites, it opens up such a wealth of possibility and we have to stretch to encompass it. Thank you for all the challenges you offer, Jeff, to think about things differently.

    • Your quite welcome Linda. It’s a journey for sure – or at least a very important part of the journey – to unlearn and then think about things as they really are.

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