Skill 6 Encouragement – The Capacity of Hope

To facilitate simply means to make easy. The leader/teacher makes the process of dialogue look easy, but please recognize how difficult it is to facilitate such a connection in a collective.

A balanced dialogue becomes harmonious only as it is allowed to flow over the purifying rocks of agreement and disagreement−simple, safe debate.

Minimize management, maximize leadership. Minimize obstacles, maximize potential. Minimize instructing, maximize teaching. Get out of the way, and watch great things happen. Along the way, through your example, your articulated vision, your leadership voice, you will teach those who choose to follow you and choose to learn. −Ric Gonzalez, Woo Woo Leadership

Like the loving teacher, great leaders maximize individual learning in the power of a collective. Learning is not from information pushed in as much as it is from knowledge pulled out. I require a lot of alone time. This private space is where I renew, refresh, and restore energy−the energy I so love to expend for others. After a day of collective facilitation I’m left in a mental puddle, and how happy I am.

Your joy, as it results from your committed action to teach us, invites us into the capacity of hope. Your authentic action as teacher/leader expands the volume of progressive confidence in the student.

Lead others into the capacity of hope:
1) Courageously create space for balanced dialogue.
2) Boldly interpret each learning moment.
3) Summarize the hope found in committed action.

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10 thoughts on “Skill 6 Encouragement – The Capacity of Hope

  1. Jeff, we are all the better for your having found that private space, regaining the energy, and helping us once again! And I love the concept of “the purifying rocks”…very nice 🙂

  2. Hi Jeff
    Love this post and the quote by Ric. I am a firm believer in instilling “Expander Leadership” in people – that way others grow wiser, freer and are more likely to give a hand up to others as well.
    Keep on sharing your wisdom!
    Heidi Alexandra

    • Heidi, Thanks for your comment; and thanks for that term “Expander Leadership” … Love that! That is the very topic of Liz Wiseman’s new book, “Mulitpiers.”

  3. I love that small sentence “to facilitate simply means to make easy.” In our businesses we need to “make easy” for our customers. A little of that goes a long way toward building loyalty and better service to others.

    • And that works inside the organizational world as well Sue. Thanks for your comment. Leaders who consciously facilitate find the collective taking them individually to new thoughts and levels of performance – a mutual service.

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