Skill 7 Encouragement – Encourage Us

In my privileged experience of being involved with the Storytelling Capitol of the World, it has become clear the best storytellers are those who consciously live their own unique story.

There is no influence without love. Encouragement from a secure core of love is radical influence in the world−a power released in the gift of who you are. Your Desire & Intent is an expression of your uniqueness in the world−your one-of-a-kind influence.

The focus of your desire and intent is encouragement for us to commit in the power of our own individual design.

Through your Desire & Intent lead us to:
1) Desire−energized by love.
2) Intend−directed by love.
3) Tell−informed by love.

Holding your own encouragement is in the balance of awareness, focus, and love as you persist along the unfolding path of Desire & Intent.

As your story is told through the way you consciously live, we find enduring encouragement for our story−and a better stance in the larger story.

See companion post, Building a Story with You


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