Release Desire & Intent into Skill 2

This is what I wish for the younger generations: that they embrace and enjoy the journey and are a happy traveler along the way.

Wading the Stream of Awareness
        (Desire & Intent Chapter)



Jason is a young leader I met while facilitating a leadership retreat. He seems to maintain an incredible state of awareness. He is learning things in his youth about being a leader that others don’t often grasp until much later; and through much turbulent experience.

Jason is knowledgeable, yes. But it is what I see him do with that knowing that builds his credibility in the world around him. He is learning what it looks like to embrace the accountability of his Desire & Intent while allowing it to amplify his voice along the way. He communicates clearly as he sorts information purposefully for the other person. He is becoming more conscious of the unique methodology by which his authenticity channels to those he leads, influences, and serves.

I treasure the time I get with Jason. His is a bit younger than my daughter. Is it a father thing? No. I feel a deep connection. Sure, I did things to make this connection (that’s what I do), but its depth was established from Jason’s authentic response.

Jason is a happy traveler, trusting the guidance of his Desire & Intent. Desire is real. Honor this reality. Intent envisions desire made real in the world; and intent cannot manifest anything real without attachment to honored desire.

Like Jason, the vision of intent gives your desire a method in which to release−to do its thing in the world. Release the influence of your Desire & Intent into all communication and allow it to authenticate your connections.

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6 thoughts on “Release Desire & Intent into Skill 2

  1. Jeff, you are helping us all become Happy Travelers as you lead us toward a deeper understanding our our Desire & Intent. And I especially like your highlighting the importance of turning information into action 🙂

  2. Wow Jeff – This statement alone makes such a powerful statement “intent gives your desire a method in which to release−to do its thing in the world” I’ve never thought about intent being a tool to fulfill your desire … but it totally makes sense. You have to set the intention, hold it with you, focus on it, and take action … and then you’ll see your desires created.

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