Skill 1: A Generational Alliance

With this post I begin a series of seven that will work to bridge the desire of experienced leaders with the desire of those in earlier stages of experience. Each post will bridge one of the 7 Skills for 21st Century Leadership between the two.

For the experienced viewpoint, I will offer a summary representative of what I’ve learned coaching leaders in the 21st Century. For the earlier stages, I will offer the precise words of Jason, a young leader of impact.

Mentor as Teacher/Learner of Experience
(Skill 1: Personal/Professional Growth Management)

For the individual to be most powerful, they must be whole. The whole individual is the worker for the 21st Century. Whether within the hierarchy of a multi-national, Fortune 100 company or as a freelance consultant, the ultimate accountability for the development of the individual resides with the individual themselves. … only the individual can choose to explore and discover the wider world for those development opportunities that will help them achieve their life goals. −Ricardo Gonzalez

Mentee as Learner/Teacher in Experience
(Skill 1: Continual Learning and Committed Mentor Relationships)

We have spent over a decade in academic environments and only recently have the opportunity to gain true workplace insight. Be patient in assisting with the transition from the academic environment to the professional environment. Continually provide feedback−honest feedback−and let us know how to better serve before the annual performance review. We need the most guidance in determining where our focus should be; where do we focus our efforts?
−Jason Guinn

Further your reach. Stand firm, arms extended to the left and to the right, and reach across the generations with what you have learned while learning and unlearning with the excitement of a child.


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