Skill 7: A Generational Alliance

It is most likely impossible to help one younger see how their story is developing if not embracing the tension to understand the unfoldment of our own story.

As one from an older generation, I have embraced my opportunity to flow into, and with, the second-half of life and living. With this comes great accountability to those younger.

Mentor as Teacher/Learner of Experience
(Skill 7: Storytelling)

There are individual stories, but there are no separate stories; and the larger, collective story is not divided into chapters of age. In every chapter we swirl in collaborative experience. If we miss the experience it is because we simply choose to not partake. The experience is there whether recognized or not.

At the core of individual story is a gift; unique to who you are. It is in the convergence of gifts that we find the larger story rich and full.

Mentee as Learner/Teacher in Experience
(Skill 7: Writing a Better Story)

The world is changing at a blindingly fast pace. To remain relevant, we must embrace change. We look for new and exciting challenges, seeking out environments that provide new insight, offer the ability to build new networks, and the chance to positively impact a wide range of people that we lead and serve with. Evolve with us. Offer us opportunities to take on dramatically new challenges. More than anything else, we desire to make our lives very interesting stories. Cultivate an inspiring environment that allows us to live a richer, more colorful story. −Jason Guinn

Join the unfolding story in the power and reality of this generational alliance. To do so is to participate (teach and learn/learn and teach) in a full conversation.

Regardless of generational providence, be present with your gift and allow us the gift of your presence.


2 thoughts on “Skill 7: A Generational Alliance

  1. At times I feel like I don’t embrace change. I know we have to move forward, but I long for the days gone by. It was a much simpler time. Modern technology somewhat intimidates me. Why, I still use a flip phone from MS. No Smart phone for me. I do FB and email, but haven’t branched much further. Reading a book while holding it in my hands is just fine by me. Anyway, if I did buy the latest and greatest new toy, they’d come out with something better in a few weeks. Just a few thoughts I’ve been wanting to express. Thanks, Mary B. Smith

    • Thanks for the thoughts Mary. I’ve come to the point where it is all about simplicity. Therefore, if technology doesn’t serve and simplify, then it is time for something else. Thank goodness, that so far, technology has allowed me to do this work I do from where I choose to do it!

      I’m with you on ‘reading’ … I still hold the book in my hands. And I especially love a hard cover!

      As far as us and those coming up behind to take over, please don’t underestimate the wisdom that you have for them. That is what I hope many would get out of this series of posts on A Generational Alliance. Thank you for reading and letting me know your thoughts. I treasure this connection with you!

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