A Soul Dance with Desire & Intent

A soul dances in the harmonious tension of authentic Desire & Intent.

In desire there is attachment as you become conscious of the one thing you cannot help but do.

Through intent you envision the impact of releasing your desire into the world. And the tension builds as you realize the fact that you own no control of such an outcome. This is the call for detachment; you must let go of the outcome.

In the unfolding exploration of my work, I have been blessed with an understanding of the merger of desire and intent. I express the alliance singularly as Desire & Intent. Your Deisre & Intent for those you lead, influence, and serve forms a tension of attachment and detachment.

This is beautiful! Now the dance may begin.

The dance is not to the left with desire. The dance is not to the right with intent. You only find your rhythm by consciously being with, and holding the tension of the middle.

As you give way to your dance, your love as a leader forms providentially moving commitment−a welcome obligation discovered in the beautiful middle.

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About Jeff Brunson

In this whirling 21st Century the individual needs to embrace the authentic self and confidently leverage the energy and power found there. As we entered the 21st Century, I became more concerned about what leaders like you needed for successful influence and personal fulfillment. As we move deeper into this challenging 21st Century, I’m more convinced than ever that the core of my work is in helping individual leaders remember who they are − a trueness. It is about confidence found in your authenticity.

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