Our Outer Accountability – Living A New Confidence

My part in the phone conference was coming to an end. We were talking about our upcoming work together with strategy and story. Knowing her peers had not worked with me as closely as she, Vicki spoke up in support of the upcoming preparation. She said some wonderful things to her peers about the experience she had in our one-on-one work as coach and coachee. I am truly grateful for, and uplifted by, her words. Most importantly was what Vicki was exhibiting in her comments.

Vicki is deeply respected by these fellow leaders. This respect was built long before we met and worked together. If I did anything for her (and her kind words testify that is so) it was simply to bring her true self to present consciousness.

Through a commitment to her unique Desire & Intent, Vicki is more deliberate in flowing this authenticity outward toward others.

What does this look like?

In summary, Vicki’s Impact is in how she supports others in becoming stronger contributors. She lives in this new confidence holding the creative tension formed by the intersection of her Desire for creative diversity and her Intent that others be confidently fulfilled.

Vicki’s outward confidence is A New Confidence in that she has simply reconnected with an inward source−her own authenticity. Our outer accountability is rooted in the inner territory of who we are−our trueness. Like Vicki, our trueness is expressed through the Impact of who we are−a collision of desire and intent for those we lead, influence, and serve.

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2 thoughts on “Our Outer Accountability – Living A New Confidence

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