Our Outer Accountability – Living Love

Along my own work journey I’ve been told to tone down the passion. It seems there was something threatening to those uninvited advisors; maybe a lack of passion in their own work.

Fortunately things are changing as I hear leaders speak often about the need and place for passion in one’s work. This makes me happy for many reasons. At the top of the list is Love. For I believe when one allows passion to flow from the inner territory to the outer accountability, then this individual is living love.

For 30 years Bob has been leading change and growth projects and initiatives for this little town we now call home. The change and growth Bob leads doesn’t only impact his town; his efforts have consistently made the surrounding region better. He’s done more than his share to “put us on the map.”

I tell his story because he exemplifies the power of passion converted into living love. Bob’s passion for his work, and especially for his town, is powerful energy flowing out through each story he has to tell. And he loves to tell his stories about his Town of Jonesborough.

Storytelling is powerful because of love−living love. Stories of impact have power because of the love of the teller. Clearly, and obviously to my readers, I believe something deeply:

It’s okay to love your work, and in your work, love!

You know it, you feel it, when you hear a story from those like Bob. When, as a leader, you see the need for passion, trust your sense, then look for passion in others. It’s there. It simply needs your vision−and mostly your encouragement: a beautiful measure of your Living Love.

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