21st Century Leadership Skills

The Revolution

“We are attempting to make work more lifelike, more in the image of what we instinctively want for ourselves.”
– David Whyte, Crossing the Unknown Sea

We need a revolution in how we think about work and our place in the world of work. In the 21st century we spend the vast majority of our waking hours in this world of work. For many, a large chunk of the restorative power of sleep is stolen by the haunting presence of one’s work.

Due to the large portion of energy given to work, we have a right, even accountability, to approach this work in a manner that enriches us as a person.

The revolution I advocate is an intentional approach to leadership. The revolution is accomplished as a leader frees the flow between internal motivation and external validation.

The internal motivation includes intent, purpose, and understanding. These are about who we are as an individual.

The external validation includes commitment, authenticity, and practice. These are about how we translate who we are to the world.

Thus, a revolution.

A revolution is commonly thought of as a collective assembled for the purpose of overthrowing some existing system. The revolution I advocate begins in the heart and mind of the individual leader. It is about awareness, focus, and love.

Follow the links below and think with me about the 7 Skills for 21st Century Leadership.