Part A: The Credibility Factor

The Desire & Intent of an individual leader, when stated, is a commitment from the core of that person. The leader’s Desire & Intent is an authentic energy capable of strengthening the connection between leader and those being led, influenced, and served.

Desire affects your language and your expectations. When conscious of desire, you become committed to the specifics represented by your desire. Your commitment directs your language choices and narrows your focus and that of others. A narrow focus, guided by desire, broadens the impact.

Intent acknowledged is voice unleashed. Your statement of Desire & Intent is your voice amplified. With this authentic energy, you embrace the accountability to leverage this amplification represented in your Desire & Intent.

Effective communication depends on so much more than well-chosen words. Eloquence of speech may be pretty in the ear, but only authenticity is sweet to the heart. Make a meaningful connection between your authenticity as a leader, your message, and your audience; and you have credibility.

There is a simple fact about connection that continually amazes me: Standing before a group of people makes you – in their eyes – the expert. What you do after that determines whether you get to keep the honor.

Hal’s presentation was moving along swimmingly and it was obvious he had prepared well. Right at the apex of his talk – with audience of over forty in full climb with him – he said, “I’m really not the expert here.” This was one of those times when I just cannot seem to contain my thoughts as I said, “Hey, you’re the one standing before us; so, you’re the expert.”

The 21st Century is a time for the expert. The portal of expertise is waiting for you to travel its passage. An expert is focused. A focused leader has a method. She has worked hard to develop, through trial and error, her unique methodology. She knows by what mode her authenticity best channels to those she leads, influences, and serves. Her dedication to this authentic method makes her a respected expert. She has built an inventory of effectiveness to back up the title.

In the 21st Century, there are many portals you must pass through to nurture your authentic flow and continue to unfold your Desire & Intent. Step through the narrow portal of expertise and discover your own bounty in the counterintuitive promise of your broad impact through focus.

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