Part A: Purpose

Maggie walked up to me at the professional association meeting and said, “Ask me what I do.” She had worked through my book, Focus-The Power of Personal Brand. I wrote this book for individuals to do in a self-study one of the things I do for clients in my coaching programs; create a personal purpose/brand statement.

This statement is the answer to that illusive dinner-party question, “Hello, what do you do?” As Maggie is on the path of discovering, it is much more than that. It is a statement of her own belief in what she does. It is a statement that invites others into her story. It is an expression of who she is in what she does. Her answer to this question is compelling to others because it was first compelling to Maggie. She is confidently speaking of her core passion; her purpose.

Maggie’s first order of purpose is to be herself consistently – embracing and leveraging who she really is and making choices in light of her authentic self. As she models this new confidence, Maggie becomes a presence that is both selfless and powerful. Focusing her leadership in the present, the 21st Century leader ensures that we put our attention to the right priorities; thus building fulfillment in our present work and assuring the rewards of tomorrow. This is focus in the 21st Century.

Maggie’s purpose provides direction. Her answer to the question is her purpose presently applied in a new confidence. She finds personal direction through the understanding of her purpose. Through that personal understanding she also provides direction to those she leads, influences, and serves. She keeps us focused.

Living in a new confidence, Maggie enters into each experience conscious of her purpose while respecting the potential and power of self and others. Setting desire free, Maggie has stepped into the flow focused, present, and open to experience.

Maggie is the message.

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