Part B: Desire & Intent

Confidence that is only about assertiveness and control is the old confidence. The old confidence cannot feel the pull of desire or hear the voice of a larger purpose. An old confidence too easily attached to regret from the past and fear of the future.

The voice of a larger purpose speaks to you through your core where your deepest values reside. Conscious of these purpose-giving values, you hear the call to a new confidence. It is in this new confidence where desire and intent join and create the power of presence for your leadership.

Desire & Intent acknowledged is a commitment of clarity to those you lead, influence, and serve. Leading from clarity means you have a level of self-understanding that no longer produces limiting judgment of self or others. You lead with a new confidence. You are not limited, and through this freedom others find their confidence. In the presence of your leadership – in the clarity of  your Desire & Intent – we envision a better future.

You unfold your unique impact in the 21st Century as you are guided into action by Desire & Intent. Your desire is good. As you honor desire, you validate intent into the charge of others’ individual confidence. You build your credibility as you set apart specific action as it relates to specific intent.

Your purpose is your message. Your unique message sets the rhythm for each communication; making it harmonize with Desire & Intent.

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