Part C: Engaging Others

Message is about engagement.

What is engagement? Engagement is a mission; a calling. You call others into a positive future. A positive visualization of our story together assures creative and sustainable present action. We learn how to stay focused on collective desire in the reality of the day-to-day. Joint possession of the future is essential to present participation.

Engagement is where one’s authentic self encounters challenge with confidence. Confidently freeing authenticity is a pledge to the impact of one’s leadership.

Leading others to participate in seeing a bright, collective future, you empower them with understanding of what it looks like to be in the moment with that future. Seeing themselves in the unfolding story, the story is given life as their present energy is freed.

Story visualization is not a ‘nice-to-have.’ It is an absolute necessity to collective success. A believable, engaging story touches the substance of desire. Knowing the story we desire to tell guides us in discovering present measures to assure the story is indeed unfolding as desired.

Engagement is about what ought to be done; not the noisy, misleading ‘shoulds’ of the busy, distracted world around us. In the light of your unique message – spoken in your purpose – engagement becomes an obligation that is grasped willingly by those under the influence of your service.

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