Part A: Productive Gatherings (Respect)

You have become more aware of who you really are. In the clear pool of this awareness you have committed your attention to a narrow focus empowered by your purpose/brand. You have discovered the simple model for effectiveness in the 21st Century.

A lack of focus disparages personal impact as one remains busy with the unimportant. A lack of focus is also disrespectful of others as the leadership others expect fails to materialize.

Creating a relaxed focus can help me see the things I need to be doing as a leader. -Coaching Client

Preparation is an intentional practice for a focused 21st Century leader. As a focused leader, you make and take in the time needed to work on what is important to you, things that in the busy mind of the world around you may not be considered urgent. Urgency around the unimportant is boldly silenced as you lead others to understand simple as a strategy.

Kajule was telling me about the large project with which she was involved and how the update meetings – with forty people – were brutally frustrating and ineffective. Asking her to consider how she may not be the only frustrated participant, we discussed a simple strategy for her to exercise in the next meeting. As the meeting participants assembled, Kajule – who was not the regular meeting organizer – asked if she might pose a question to the group. With permission granted, she asked, “At the end of our hour today, what is it that we will have accomplished?” There was an immediate flurry of input which Kajule facilitated into an objective of joint possession. At the end of the meeting, Kajule was compelled into a position by the door as people filed by and thanked her for the best meeting they had collectively experienced.

Respectfully facilitating an objective ensures each meeting is a preparation for success. A prepared meeting is intentional practice and gets work done. A prepared meeting organizes a collective, relaxed focus. Kajule’s confident facilitation was built on a strong self-respect. This yielded a powerful and effective respect of impact for others.

Acting with an open, present mind lays the pavement for respect-filled interactions. Individual and collective impact is a complex outcome of the simplicity of focus. Your Desire & Intent has emboldened you to lead from clarity through a level of self-understanding that resists the limitations of a busy, out-of-focus world.

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