Part A: Your Story

Purpose provides direction. Your first order of purpose is to be yourself consistently as you embrace and leverage who you are and make choices in light of the authentic self. The voice of a larger purpose resonates in your core where your deepest values reside. From the discipline of these purpose-giving values, your voice has anchored you in the present with a new confidence that is as unique to you as your fingerprint. By activating your purpose and voice, you have balanced that what of the nurturing spirit with the how of the serving spirit.

In the clarity of your Desire & Intent, you stand sure in the present and extend your reach to those you lead, influence, and serve. You have your footing in a self-understanding that no longer produces judgment of self or others. Your memory is full of moments just like the one in which you stand. Our most memorable times are written on the hard drive of our core because we were intently present with the event; these can be good and not-so-good events. Upon discovering voice we are shocked into the present as if thrown into the near freezing flow of the river of consciousness. At this level of awareness, voice clears the flow of individual character.

I will never forget the torrent of the moment when I was thumped out of the small water craft into the raging drop at the turn in the river. While I remembered all the key applications for being in fast water – feet out front, etc. – I soon tired and was pulled under over and over to the point of exhaustion. The submersion became a forced conversation; a dialogue where I had to make a choice. I decided that was not my time and I was given both right and power in the decision. I was very present.

Peace and torrent are natural conditions intended to work together for balance in our story; in the highs and lows; in the hills and valleys; in the busy and blank times. To stand firm in the present and extend your reach is to embrace your impact in a manner consistently conscious of this balance. You are confident in not only the torrent but also in the time of peace (the lows, the valley, and the blank). You know that being still is an act of intention – to just stop is a selfless act and practice. It is only in the stillness that you hear the narrative right for your voice.

The voice of your teller is when focus and courage meet in the present. You are the qualified teller of the balance; experiential acts coming together to form the story of your journey. Balance is an outcome of embracing the narrative of meaning keyed for your voice. The narrative of meaning assists in the living expression of your story. You tell for the joy of telling; a joy found in the connection of hearer and meaning.

We tell our story because of the innate need to be engaged with others in the narrative journey. We find our connection in the larger story in large part because we have connected with our own story. Our story is important to each individual who can find connection in the narrative. When told where it belongs, our story has impact; and we are impacted personally from the story each time we tell it.

Love is the measure of identity because in love is the timeless and untrammeled, the presence of things, the hours illuminated and celebrated like the steeple bell across the fields, filling the hollows and the hot afternoon to the brim.” -David Whyte in Crossing the Unknown Sea

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