Part B: Another’s Story

The influence of understanding flows through one’s intent and purpose. Confident and empowered in our own voice, we create the space where individual stories recognize collective harmony through individual resonance. Before an individual story can flow toward the collective pool, the individual must find the foundational confidence to tell in the space that has been provided. You are the example as the preparation of this space began with your confidence as a storytelling leader.

We invest in another when we see ourselves as uniquely privileged and available to join in his or her story.” -Dan B. Allender in To be Told

Through consciously executed commitment, you leverage self-understanding to better understand another. Love is applied in connection. Deanna had been telling me stories of great success for where she is in her development journey. She learns new and valuable things about herself, immediately finds the space in which to apply her learning, and then tells me the story. About this exciting journey she said, “It’s like learning a new language.” Deanna is finding her voice and using it to tell her own story while respectfully joining in the story of others as she applies this new language.

Deanna holds connection as a core value. She defines this value as follows: “In order to do my best, I must feel part of something larger – I want to know those I am connected with care; care about the work, the people, and the customers.” Deanna is applying love in work she loves. It is important to note that the love for her work was not pre-existing in every story.  Some stories were made particularly interesting because of Deanna’s  effort in finding her purpose in certain work circumstances. She had to dig deep for her part in the larger screen play; “In order to do my best, I must feel part of something larger.” Deanna is committed to her values – to her story.

A leader is loving when leading with confidence while leading others to their own confidence in their own story. Deanna’s authentic voice is her brand of love. Committed to her value of connection, Deanna is freely offering trust, unconditionally. This brand of love is earning her respect, and the corresponding trust, as she skillfully challenges others to learn new ways to solve old problems. Feeling Deanna’s authenticity, others are inviting her into their story. In a concentrated, conscious effort, Deanna is investing in others; one individual at a time.

Without trust, there is no impact. Trust is love expressed. Like Deanna, you have learned to manage processes and lead people. You advance your voice, and that of another, when you listen and respond. Experiential wisdom, carefully handled by the loving storyteller, builds explicit trust. Experience is the teacher preparing us fo the relevant practice needed to unfold a collective story.

The power of story unfolds in your love. Love others, build trust, and forward the impact intended in your purpose.

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