A Soul Dance with Love

What is the impact of your love?

This is the last in the series of 7 on A Soul Dance. As I bring you to A Soul Dance with Love, here is a review of the previous 6:

  • Impact ~ Your flow asks you to balance intention and attention.
  • Desire & Intent ~ You discover original rhythm in the tension of this balance.
  • A New Confidence ~ Soul moves to an arrangement specifically scored for your flow.
  • Voice ~ Being with the unfolding you consciously hear your core and truly learn to see.
  • Presence ~ In seeing you ground purpose in present service.
  • Focus ~ With poise your soul now dances with present significance for self and for others.

And now … Love.

In the development journey it is good to have a traveling partner. My friend (and spiritual brother) Dan is one such credible partner. Together we are testing and validating intention and attention as we do the work to which we are each called.

I am learning to more consciously apply love internally to open me to what’s next in my external application of my brand of love. Dan is learning to more consciously apply love externally to open himself to what’s next in his internal application of his brand of love.

The more aware we become of our brand of leadership love the more we see the alignment, the movement and order of things, that flows our love out into the world.

When you make a commitment, an alignment appears to provide a flow in which to keep the specific commitment. Together, Dan and I will discover new steps in our individual dance with soul. Native rhythm and learned choreography come together forming a unique brand of love for you, and … A Soul Dance.


A Soul Dance with Focus

Thanks to a select few who know and love me largely, I’ve been brought into the deep presence of impact. As these individuals shared their thoughtful and carefully chosen words I sensed the consistent message of import.

Their words were steps in a dance exercise with focus that my coach choreographed. I have never been much of a dancer, but I do love an engaging tempo−a cadence appropriate to the moment and the dialogue needed to dance with the significance found there.

Instead of asking myself what more I need to do, and killing myself and my creative powers in the process of attempting to carry it out, I ask myself: What is the courageous conversation I am not having? −David Whyte, The Three Marriages: Reimagining Work, Self and Relationship

The message in the loving feedback spoke to the congruous impact of my focus. As I allowed the spirit in their words to soak into my soul I began to feel the tension of validation and commitment.

The validation was to the impact of my methodology of focus; a simple and complex dedication to a cycle of energy that has been diligently built on my core throughout many years of journey.

The commitment? That is the assignment from my coach. To answer this I plan on being with it all for a bit free of judgment and labeling. This freeing approach is important as I am drawn to David Whyte’s question, What is the courageous conversation I am not having?

As I do for others, I will hear and hold the gift of their conversational participation and learn some flowing new choreography.

A Soul Dance with Presence

Life is not a mindless reality show with a panel of recognized and unrecognized names judging our dance steps. It oft feels this way, but it is not true.

Our soul dance is graceful expression only as we move in self-assured flow.

Such confident movement is the face of a voice-infused presence.

In terms of personality and preference, Judy is high in strength where I am low and I am high in strength where she is low. This is just one reason our mutual coaching relationship works well. In light of the coaching she gives me I can easily point to a main contributing factor; her ability to be present.

Judy’s dedication to presence with those she coaches is no surprise when I consider her voice of Integrity−a commitment to a robust balance of all the right ingredients. I not only see her confident movement in the coaching process, I feel its impact as she pushes me when needed and holds back when I must hold the thinking for myself. This skill is not exercised by the selfish−those dancing for the unqualified judge.

The glittering object of desire is often seen as the answer to all present difficulties. … It is a want that may actually be a way of stopping real things from happening. −David Whyte, The Three Marriages: Reimagining Work, Self and Relationships

Judy’s soul dance is artfully focused on her purpose to coach others in situations of importance. Her desire is firmly situated in the present, grounded by a purpose allowed to freely serve another in the present.

How privileged I am to be served by her focused presence.

A Soul Dance with Voice

In a work life we must treat the intangibles as seriously and as practically as we treat the touchable, doable tasks of a given day.
David Whyte, The Three Marriages: Reimagining Work, Self and Relationship

Our friendship took root in early conversation about impact and our individual Desire & Intent. Keith had been communicating with me for months it seems about getting together. With each message I received I would respond with options to meet, only to see the silence between us resume. Those who know me well know of a sometimes debilitating pet peeve I own; someone not following through. However, in the case of my friend I knew better.

Voice does not dance alone; its artful stirring made credible by your consciousness to be with the unfolding.

Again from David Whyte, “[How] easy it is to swap the rich struggling particularity of our given life for an abstract, too easy inheritance that would lead to our not seeing, to our not participating and to our refusal to care.” It is in being with that we truly learn to see.

Working in my office on the cold January day I was suddenly present with Keith in my core. I picked up the phone and called. The sudden presence was simple consciousness with my own voice. As the dialogue unfolded I realized Keith’s own need to be reminded of the ‘one thing’ so important to him in all life interaction−his voice.

As so easily happens with any one of us, Keith had become lost in a cloud bank while climbing to high levels of what he should do−a list not his own. The best action supports the sustainability of your energy. This action does this because it simply dances in the resonance of your voice.

A Soul Dance with A New Confidence

A New Confidence is simple consciousness.

We were talking about my coaching program and what she desired to get from the experience. After we had talked for a bit, she looked at me and simply stated, “I need you to tell me I’m not too old.” I felt a combined tension of heartbreak and excitement.

I was heartbroken for her and all whom she represents. I was excited for her as I know the process we will navigate together will open her to a new confidence−a confidence built on simple authenticity; who she has been since the beginning.

There is no dance when the movement is choreographed in the commerciality of a need to be right or look good; usually at the expense of another. As with any soul dance, it begins as you feel the union of rhythm and melody.

The consequential sway is impossible to resist.

Other than the pre-work assigned to my new coachee, the first order of business was for her to read Barbara Sher’s book, It’s Only Too Late if You Don’t Start Now. … A book that helped save my sanity at mid-life.

Will I show her many new things? No. What I will do is simply make her conscious of what has been building all along−now ready to be fully and consciously freed in the dance.

She will be introduced to her soul dance, and to dance in A New Confidence.

A Soul Dance with Desire & Intent

A soul dances in the harmonious tension of authentic Desire & Intent.

In desire there is attachment as you become conscious of the one thing you cannot help but do.

Through intent you envision the impact of releasing your desire into the world. And the tension builds as you realize the fact that you own no control of such an outcome. This is the call for detachment; you must let go of the outcome.

In the unfolding exploration of my work, I have been blessed with an understanding of the merger of desire and intent. I express the alliance singularly as Desire & Intent. Your Deisre & Intent for those you lead, influence, and serve forms a tension of attachment and detachment.

This is beautiful! Now the dance may begin.

The dance is not to the left with desire. The dance is not to the right with intent. You only find your rhythm by consciously being with, and holding the tension of the middle.

As you give way to your dance, your love as a leader forms providentially moving commitment−a welcome obligation discovered in the beautiful middle.

A Soul Dance with Impact

The call of the wild is a call to the elemental levels of the soul, the places of intuition, kinship, swiftness, fluency and the consolation of the lonesome that is not lonely. Our fear of our own wildness derives in part from our fear of the formless; but the wild is not the formless−it holds immense refinement and, indeed, clarity. −John O’Donohue in Beauty

George is a leader with a serving presence. He does not overshadow others as he builds individual confidence leveraging integrity and clarity. As George is bringing to my consciousness, there is no impact without clarity.

Our impact in this world demands present attention and focused intention. The soul does not dance to commercially produced music. A soul dance is uninhibited art as it flows from our wild clarity. Impact comes into view only in the marriage of attention and intention. Care, however, is required in the purification toward clarity; do not continue to invest all your energy to only attention or to attention before intention.

Attention is about focus outwardly. Intention is authored in your purpose inwardly. The flow is from the internal to the external. It is in this order that we balance intention and attention toward impact; where we perfect the dance into a soul dance.

While George and I have just begun our work together, I look forward to the grace of discovery as he courageously journeys into the coherent territory of purpose and clarity.

For George, clarity is an abiding value given in the beginning. I am excited to see what he discovers in the clarity of his own wildness. This I know, we are benefactors as his intention gives rhythm to his attention and we are dignified in the impact of a soul dance.