The fullness we seek has already filled us within. Such abundance has been pre-coded within the operating system given us since the beginning.

How might I be so certain of this, what I believe as fact? Maybe it’s the courage of faith, or the faith of a courage planted in the soil of Trueness.

The collective problem, employed individually, is in our lack of trust. We tend to not trust simplicity and grace, believing instead that there is always something we must yet do. Mutual love is the essence of presence, of good relationship, and the collective privilege of resonance flowing from uniqueness.

A Bridge to Presence

A ping from the soul
the spirit hears,
resonance within
the walls of experience.

Truly hearing, beyond
feigned listening
we come together;
a reverberating oneness
in the oneness of vibration.

In the 20/20 of resonance,
sightful clarity,
a resonant moment
becomes a hologram
of all that is true.

To resonate is to flow
the sound of peace
in the middle we know.

Living each question,
holding with care,
welcoming each paradox,
I let go into the flow.

–J. Brunson




Skill 4 – Part C: Collegial Connections

The composition of this section was begun before an evening meal with colleagues. Our collegial gathering began eight years prior with a small number of freelance spirits in need of each others company.

Like career connections, creating connections in the collegial arena must be done intentionally and confidently. This gathering to which I belong was founded with no distracting structure and one singular purpose; collegial support.

Anne-Marie is an elegant spirit who became a vital part of this support group. At that recent evening gathering, I shared my present activities in marketing my book and in attempting to move business forward in a challenging time. The next day I made a post about slow business, high stress, and the resulting visit to a mountain trail to relieve some of the stress. Anne-Marie read this post.

Combining the brief post with what she heard at the dinner gathering, she sent me the following:

… over the years I have gone through several down periods, due to the economy, cut backs, etc.  Every time business was slow I would think “this is it, I am out of business, I must have done something wrong, did I make a mistake somewhere,” and I would worry so much.  When business picked up, I would be reassured that this slowdown was not my fault and I would be so angry with myself and thinking “why didn’t I take advantage of that time to do the things I don’t have time to do when I am busy? ”
In a way it is good to have down times, it gives a chance to regroup, rethink, revitalize, reinforce, renew….  Down times are part of the plan to improve one’s business.
On Monday you told me that you are thinking of ways to contact your clients, and that you are contacting them to remind them that you are there, you are also marketing your book, so you are doing everything right. 

A collegial connection is someone you have asked into your network because of who you are. This connection has been invited because of mutual need. You must be conscious of what you need as you build your collegial network. This is not selfish; not if you approach this part of your network from a dedication to growth and development – progression that makes you better for those you lead, influence, and serve. This is not about perfection; it is about simply getting better.

Collegial connections form in the light of mutual contribution. Anne-Marie was invited to be a part of our collegial gathering by one of the founders. Through mutual contribution, we have formed a collegial bond. To me, Anne-Marie is representative of the blessings that flow from a confidence and trust in the spirit of attraction.

For more like this and the developing series around the 7 skills, see: 21st Century Leadership Skills

Committed to Desire

This time of year is special – for many reasons.

For me, it is a time of review, renewal and preparation. I look back in gratitude over the past year. I do my best to dedicate time to renew; spend time with my family and time to express myself in my writing. And I make time and space to think about the year to come. It is a time to narrow the focus and intensify commitment.

A wish for myself I also hope for you; that you allow your behavior in 2010 to be driven by your Desire.

What you desire is good. It was placed there inside you for a reason. Open to it. Trust it.

Your desire, when trusted, infuses preparation into what I call Desire & Intent. Please be courageous and live your Desire & Intent. Your statement of Desire & Intent is a commitment. It is a commitment to those you lead, influence and serve. It is a commitment to your purpose. It is a commitment to your authentic self.

Behavior driven by desire makes desire a reality. Desire is at the center of the principle of attraction. And desire driven behavior makes attraction real in your life.

May you be blessed indeed in the year to come.

You Have a Story

As I listened to the story I contained myself – until she came to the end.

In our previous coaching session we were working on the success story she might envision; eventually guiding us to her two main goals and corresponding supportive strategies. It was as I set the stage for her to articulate this story when she declared, “I don’t have a story.”

Nothing I could say seemed to convince her otherwise. Consequently, we struggled through that session.

As our next session began, I stated we would forego our planned conversation and relax into the moment. After the previous session where she had made the declaration, I sent her several things to read about story. As we reconvened she told me about “the moment” she was having prior to that last session. And then she told me the story.

It seems not too long ago a manager had actually told her that she did not have a story. His case for this assessment, in his mind, was that others in her race had come from tough times to make something of themselves. Because she was not raised in a ghetto from which she had to pull herself out of, she did not have a story.

That is when I could no longer contain myself as I said, “Now you hear this; that manager was just stupid. You have a story. It is your story and it is good.”

She will be fine as she moves away from self-judgment and embraces the reality of her own story. And I will be proud of her and for her.

And maybe one day I will meet that manager and …

The Revolution

“We are attempting to make work more lifelike, more in the image of what we instinctively want for ourselves”David Whyte, Crossing the Unknown Sea

The revolution I advocate is an intentional approach to leadership. The revolution is accomplished as a leader frees the flow between internal motivation and external validation.

The internal motivation includes Intent, Purpose, and Understanding. These are about who we are as an individual.

The external validation includes Commitment, Authenticity, and Practice. These are about how we translate who we are to the world.

We need a revolution in how we think about work and our place in the world of work. In the 21st century we spend the vast majority of our waking hours in this world of work. For many, a large chunk of the restorative power of sleep is stolen by the haunting presence of one’s work.

Due to the large portion of energy given to work, we have a right, even accountability, to approach this work in a manner that enriches us as a person.

Thus a revolution.

A revolution is commonly thought of as a collective assembled for the purpose of overthrowing some existing system. The revolution I advocate begins in the heart and mind of the individual leader. It is about true balance, principled action and leading in love.

The Distraction of Lack

There is no room for a scarcity mentality in 21st Century leadership.

Scarcity is a heating coil – causing any negativity received by the manager to be instantly transferred down to others in a damaging way. A mental attitude of scarcity, a focus on what we do not have, will cause you to unconsciously make this damaging transfer.

This mentality – this negative focus – is a distraction from your true self and your intended leadership. The opposite of this is power – the power you possess in a consciousness of what you do have, your strengths applied, work you love, and the people you lead. This is your true abundance.