We reside in a world in need, a world that needs you: the true you.


Face facts.

Faith, Hope, Love, yes each one is of utmost importance. And the greatest of these, and all encompassing of these, is Love. No longer issue an apology or be embarrassed by this fact.

Your Trueness will not have its intended impact until you can hold in your own loving hands the reality of you since the beginning, and then offer in loving release this self into a needy world.

You were made from love. Therefore, aware or not, you are love. The world needs love. Become aware. The world needs you!

From the Beginning

Love is where I came from,
and love is where I’ll return.
In-between, intended it was,
love meant to guide and lead.
In reality love always did,
sadly, I didn’t always listen.
But now, blessed opportunity
and gift of awareness, I
can hear the voice of love
in everything I see–
but aware I must remain,
It’s my time to live,
live according
to the Trueness
given me
from the beginning.

–J. Brunson



Simple is a strategy. I don’t remember where, or from whom, I read or heard this. I know it caused me great pause in the early years of building my coaching practice as I learned that the more narrow my focus, the broader my impact.

In so many ways, mostly related to openness to awareness, I am encouraged by where we are in this 21st Century. However, it is sad reality that we are losing the ability to take opportunity to focus, to be absorbed by any one thing requiring our attention in order for it to become one with the work of our art.

My maternal grandfather would quite often say to me, “Presently.” As I grew, I assumed he was saying this only to quiet any excitement I was projecting onto the next thing I wanted to do. As I grow closer to the age he was then, I realize he was also teaching me to be present with what was before me, to pay attention.

Indeed, we are free to choose where to place our attention.

Simply Chosen

Once said to me,
a wise friend’s words,
Everything is a choice.

What in our world might change,
if engaged by her words, we each
accepted choice, as fact?

A history of sin, seemingly ingrained,
could we put it aside, and
with intention, forgive everything;
and offer our energy, individually
to the moment, where we find
ourselves together?

One-by-one we would then
hold together, in the present,
all that has been, and
all that can be.

And in such present space
might we know, see through
hope, that everything belongs,
and nothing is wasted
in choosing a love view?

Now seeing, a clear lens
of love in play, we trust
a view, from the pinnacle
of original intent, to serve
a story unfolding,
for me, for you, for us.

–J. Brunson

The Rhythm of Journey – Part 7 of 7

The Trust View (Attachment/Detachment)

This part 7 is about the tension (tense holding) that is an opportunity to release some beautiful creativity into the flow of it all. This is about that space between attachment and detachment.

In the midst of this very composition, B.J. and I find ourselves in such an opportune space. For us this space isn’t only about selling a property and moving to a new place; it is about a significant step in how life & living will now look. It is a chance to catch a lot and a time that requires much hold & release.

The early birdsongs were saying it all works together for good, if we but let it. It all works out even if I don’t seem to let it (let go). But if I don’t let it, such becomes a refusal to participate and I miss out on seeing it all unfold. I do not want to miss that, ever!

The Creative Tension (Attachment/Detachment)

When our simplification transition began I realized a difficult tension. In our entire individual and partnered lives neither B.J. or I have lived in any one place as long as we’ve lived here. This is significant. We are not talking just a change, we are talking transition–Major!

This move more than any other from our past has me truly in a space between. I find my mind and heart in a middle, holding past and future. I suppose this middle is the present.

Work among all its abstracts, is actually intimacy, the place where self meets the world. –David Whyte, Consolations

Whyte says so much so briefly about why I write what I write and the way I write to you as a leader. In this 21st Century we need–must have–leaders who lead from the core of self: Trueness.

The need for leadership reminds me of the vision and desire that pulled me into starting this practice: I desire, through the leaders I coach and teach, to influence the space of work in becoming one of abundance and love.

I am attached to all that has gone on before to bring me to this stand, but I cannot hold it in a way keeping me from walking on. Yes, I am drawn forward into a future I cannot control. So I must detach from any expectation too specific to a predetermined outcome; this is always limiting.

To forgive everything is to live the beautiful poetry we each are. Knowing everything belongs is to be open to all that stirs our souls–to be one with it all. Then to see the unfolding becomes a nourished way of being and walking in this world.

Be aware, focused, and loving in your steady walk as a leader.

A Poem at There are Birds There Too


Transformation and Wonder

If living in and through a transition is individual art, then it is so because of conscious design with wonder. To be with work you love−and in such work, love−is the energetic core of active giving in the world.

I remember the annual emphasis on corporate giving campaigns; which many times included “permission” to be away from work. Of course such campaigns were, and are, focused on raising the dollars so needed by service organizations. Yet I cannot help but wonder what it might be like to simply give in the natural flow of the work we so naturally do.

Your full presence is the ultimate gift!

The flow of your presence−the ultimate gift−is at the confluence of your internal desire and your external intent. And yes, this is always the order of flow; from the inner to the outer. United, desire and intent fund the present power of your voice. In such presence others receive clearly.

About wonder, here’s one definite learning in my journey: A need to be right−to justify any defensive stand−is a substantial block to the free flow found in simple wonder.

In order to fuel our wonder and benefit greatly from it, we must shift into transformational awareness. In such awareness each transition becomes consciously specific to us−making one ever more present within the experience.

“When we are in sync with life, the wonder continues to flow unless we ignore the fine-tuning of intuition.” −Jamie Sams, Dancing the Dream

The 21st Century leader, no matter chronological age, is discovering the power of a stand in the middle. It is from this middle stand where authentic generosity finds the external impact so long sought.

To no longer be surprised by anything is a tragic state. Even if I know that synchronicity is real and shows itself, I can still be amazed and continually awestruck by each artistic stroke of connection.

Learning to be truly present requires one to open to the interconnectedness of us all. Holding such connection clears our view of giving. It is in such clarity where you find yourself in the flow of activity that is leveraging the best of who you are−albeit most often unconsciously. Yet in such flow you are giving from the best of who you are−in total presence. Isn’t this the way we should each be allowed to work?

Such presence is art.

Such presence is a divine collision of desire and intent−an impact of authenticity … when who we really are is precisely what is needed in the moment before us.

This is the ultimate gift, the gift of full presence.

BCL Blog 4

Transitions Serve Transformation

If we are going to be rebuilders of society, we need to be “rebuilt” ourselves.Richard Rohr, Hope Against Darkness

This is the beginning of a writing project with the artistically loving Ric Gonzalez. Together, and for you, we will focus on transition and transformation. Our navigating thoughts will traverse Transition as individual art and Transformation as both individual and collective experience.

The World Needs You!

The world needs your Trueness−your self transforming into its true presence. To build your confidence as a leader in a now global society, Ric and I want to deliver content that lovingly supports your transformation journey as a leader in this 21st Century composition.

It seems transformation must be forced on us. This forceful application is providential navigation through one transition and then another.

As the late William Bridges taught us in his book, Managing Transition, in order to benefit from transition, we must consciously acknowledge each one: transition is not a one-time affair. Consciousness, or lack thereof, is the problem. The transition itself is the space-between−the tension in the middle of something that has ended and of something new that has yet to begin.

Again from Fr. Rohr: “Change just happens, but transformation is always a process of letting go, living in the confusing dark space for awhile, and eventually being spit up on a new and unexpected shore.”

For at least two years now I consciously know that successive transitions have been feeding my own transformation. It causes me to wonder, because of transformational awareness, if each transition becomes more specific. Maybe each becomes more specific simply because I become more conscious−and if more conscious, then I am becoming more present and each transition may now better serve my transformation.

Ric and I are honored to share in your journey. Our deepest desire and guiding intent is to direct you to the inner territory of your Trueness.


The Molly Tree (Repose)

When we settled into our current home, there was this one tree we held in question to its seemingly devastated trunk. Twelve rotations around the sun and it still stands. As a matter of fact, here in mid-November, it is a bastion of remaining color among the other 65 plus trees on the property.

The morning I began this composition, I found myself standing in awe of color, shape, and form I’ve admired in this tree through the ???????????????????????????????years. The beauty it brings is one reason I have made effort to care for it as best I could.

On that morning contemplating this tree, its name suddenly occurred to me−or maybe I simply heard its name for the first time. You see, this tree bears witness to the dignified stand of its namesake, our niece, Molly Brunson McAlpin.

It is one of those difficult to understand things in life: Molly’s liver at birth was void of the necessary for life bile ducts−the absence of such leading doctors to prognosticate her life to be no more than 2 years. She was 6 years old when she received her paradoxical new liver (a blessing from a tragedy).

Stories have been written about Molly through the years. While this is wonderful, there is one fallacy to this storytelling; leaving a reader to believe a happy-ever-after ending. Molly’s entire life has been one seemingly insurmountable health struggle after another.

Molly may have been cheated out of an essential physical basic, but she has compensated in sheer stubbornness! As I look at the Molly Tree, I find myself focusing on its beautiful form and presence in all seasons. Bereft as physical normality may be, our Molly continues to bring to this world love, and a story of courage and determined presence−without which this world would not be as blessed and beautiful.

Like the namesake tree, Molly makes it easy for us to see beyond the physical into a reality of Spirit!

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Skillfully Generous – Voice (Freed from Within)

I write about generosity in order to become more internally aware of the core source of such action in the world around me. As I compose my inner thoughts into outer articulation I find myself more skillfully and simply paying attention.

“I love to tell people that the opposite of contemplation is not action−it is reaction. Early and quick reaction is almost always egocentric and self-referential.” −Richard Rohr, Immortal Diamond

When confused over precisely what generosity might be needed in any situation, take note of a suggestion from Patricia Ryan Madson. In her book, Improv Wisdom, she shares a learned principle of active awareness: If you see something that needs to be done and you are able to do it, then take action.

The generosity needed in a desperate 21st Century cries out for your Trueness in the flow.

Voice resonates only in the flow of love. Not every voice is identified by the word love, but every voice identified from the true self is an individual’s unique flow of love into this world.

It is not presumptuous to assume the world needs your voice. In fact, your voice fully resonant in the flow is fundamental to any and all hope of collaborating in a 21st Century filled with distraction.

Voice named and freed is your foundation for skillfully directed generosity. From this internally based freedom you courageously pay attention to what unfolds in the territory of outer accountability.

In full voice, conscious and active, you live a true life in the stand you have chosen; a work and love that have chosen you!