Know Thyself – Desire & Intent in the 21st Century

Your unique Desire & Intent for those you lead, influence, and serve is your Living Methodology as a human being.

This Desire & Intent is what makes you a leader in this 21st Century.

This swirling together of desire and intent forces your presence in the middle; a place of natural tension from which you lead in the balance of Trueness (who you really are).

My coach said something powerful after she pointed out, making me super-conscious of, how I had built my life around my natural strengths−a Living Methodology. She said, “There is no veil between this methodology for you and this methodology for your clients. My methodology of Gathering, Giving, Growing is my story: a living unfoldment.

My work and life are rich because of this.

I desire this for you.

The Living Methodology for you must become your guidance for executing on the most important issue for you, those you lead, and all that is collectively represented.

My studies over the past few years have pushed me into the ground of who I am−my own Trueness. I have become vividly aware of two facts concerning my own Desire & Intent. One is that once committed to it, as I am, there’s no getting out of it, only getting into it. Two is the realization that it is not about soaring or running in the power of Desire & Intent, it’s about becoming a grounded being−a steady walk in my Trueness.

Do not underestimate the importance of Knowing Thyself, and sharing accordingly.

A Soul Dance with Love

What is the impact of your love?

This is the last in the series of 7 on A Soul Dance. As I bring you to A Soul Dance with Love, here is a review of the previous 6:

  • Impact ~ Your flow asks you to balance intention and attention.
  • Desire & Intent ~ You discover original rhythm in the tension of this balance.
  • A New Confidence ~ Soul moves to an arrangement specifically scored for your flow.
  • Voice ~ Being with the unfolding you consciously hear your core and truly learn to see.
  • Presence ~ In seeing you ground purpose in present service.
  • Focus ~ With poise your soul now dances with present significance for self and for others.

And now … Love.

In the development journey it is good to have a traveling partner. My friend (and spiritual brother) Dan is one such credible partner. Together we are testing and validating intention and attention as we do the work to which we are each called.

I am learning to more consciously apply love internally to open me to what’s next in my external application of my brand of love. Dan is learning to more consciously apply love externally to open himself to what’s next in his internal application of his brand of love.

The more aware we become of our brand of leadership love the more we see the alignment, the movement and order of things, that flows our love out into the world.

When you make a commitment, an alignment appears to provide a flow in which to keep the specific commitment. Together, Dan and I will discover new steps in our individual dance with soul. Native rhythm and learned choreography come together forming a unique brand of love for you, and … A Soul Dance.

A Soul Dance with Focus

Thanks to a select few who know and love me largely, I’ve been brought into the deep presence of impact. As these individuals shared their thoughtful and carefully chosen words I sensed the consistent message of import.

Their words were steps in a dance exercise with focus that my coach choreographed. I have never been much of a dancer, but I do love an engaging tempo−a cadence appropriate to the moment and the dialogue needed to dance with the significance found there.

Instead of asking myself what more I need to do, and killing myself and my creative powers in the process of attempting to carry it out, I ask myself: What is the courageous conversation I am not having? −David Whyte, The Three Marriages: Reimagining Work, Self and Relationship

The message in the loving feedback spoke to the congruous impact of my focus. As I allowed the spirit in their words to soak into my soul I began to feel the tension of validation and commitment.

The validation was to the impact of my methodology of focus; a simple and complex dedication to a cycle of energy that has been diligently built on my core throughout many years of journey.

The commitment? That is the assignment from my coach. To answer this I plan on being with it all for a bit free of judgment and labeling. This freeing approach is important as I am drawn to David Whyte’s question, What is the courageous conversation I am not having?

As I do for others, I will hear and hold the gift of their conversational participation and learn some flowing new choreography.

Skill 5: A Generational Alliance

As Brian Whetten teaches his clients, you market self and service in this 21st Century by Giving. I have been focused on this approach for 11 years.

Ironically, the most genuine, authentic forms of giving require the greatest level of detachment. When we are emotionally invested in a pre-conceived outcome, then our act of giving is more about our own feelings and desires than it is about the benefits to the other person.  If you can remove emotional attachment to the outcome, then the outcome actually changes.  The outcome is no longer the observable reaction of the individual but the actual impact of the gift given. −Ric Gonzalez

Mentor as Teacher/Learner of Experience
(Skill 5: Giving)

Here is my creative tension that is sometimes hard to hold; giving as an elder while still having to make a living in this challenging climate.

We no longer need to change or adjust other people to be happy ourselves. Ironically, we are more than ever before in a position to change people−but we do not need to−and that makes all the difference. −Richard Rohr, Falling Upward

Where am I in this eldership? Richard again says it best; “We do what we are called to do and then try to let go of the consequences.”

Mentee as Learner/Teacher in Experience
(Skill 5: Discovery and Cultivating Confidence)

Help us develop the confidence to assume increasing levels of responsibility. Give us the freedom to create our own path and the support to make the story our own. When the time is right, give us the support needed to close one chapter of our story and begin a new chapter. Realize that because of our strong commitment to the networks we create, it will be difficult for us to find the courage to leave that behind and begin making our own vision a reality.
−Jason Guinn

To give is to be in a joyful space. No matter your generation you have something to give now. Be present with your gift and allow us the gift of your presence.

Release Presence into Skill 5

Listening is the commitment allowing providence to move in the information shared between two individuals. Listening sharpens my awareness of the encounters while wading. Listening opens doors.
−Wading the Stream of Awareness
(Presence Chapter)

In listening free from judgment, you respectfully open genuine love for the authenticity of the individual. Happiness is for the present and for those with presence.

My grandmother was my best friend in my important, developing years. She listened−truly listened. She heard me in what I said to her when we had our wonderful talks. In my final years at the university, I was not far from her home. On many weekends I would drive through the small county towns to get to her house. She would cook for me delicious meals and complain that she could no longer cook well.

Commitment to your own voice and purpose opens the door for providence to bring your past and future together in the present. (Presence Chapter)

In the presence of my grandmother I was happy. I was simply and plainly just happy. She was a giver. There were no conditions. If you had a need, then she gave. In those years at the university I had a need to talk; to be heard. She gave, and gave lavishly, by listening.

It is experiences like those with my grandmother that I bring into my presence. They are treasures. And bounty such as this assures me in my future−a future that is not someday, but now.

My own voice of love, and purpose of encouragement, were so providentially influenced by my grandmother. For this I am eternally thankful … and I anxiously await the status of grandparent!

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Release Voice into Skill 4

Others need you to be you.

Those you lead, influence, and serve need the empowered you. As you trust your voice and act on the commitment of leveraging your voice, you bring yourself into the accountability of impact.

Voice clears the flow of our individual character allowing others safety in the experience of who we really are. −Wading the Stream of Awareness
(Voice Chapter)

Your unique impact is realized one individual at a time. Others are impacted by your presence and in your presence because you’ve committed to applying voice freely. You have become good at being you.

Why do others need you to simply be who you are? It is because we each desire safety in each interaction. To be safe includes acceptance as we are. Feeling this acceptance is unfortunately rare. This is too often true not because others do not accept us, but because we haven’t fully embraced ourselves as we are.

[The stream] is purposeful and authentic as it leverages voice to draw in those served by its presence. The steam is understanding and practical as it skillfully performs its role, alert to unfolding purpose. (Voice Chapter)

The flow of who you are at your core is filtered by voice. Your network is a true space for the service of your voice. I align voice with the skill of Networking to assist you in becoming more aware of how your voice serves others and acknowledges their authenticity in your presence.

Conscious application of voice opens you to another person and frees you into you−the real you resonant in each experience.

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Skill 7 Encouragement – Encourage Us

In my privileged experience of being involved with the Storytelling Capitol of the World, it has become clear the best storytellers are those who consciously live their own unique story.

There is no influence without love. Encouragement from a secure core of love is radical influence in the world−a power released in the gift of who you are. Your Desire & Intent is an expression of your uniqueness in the world−your one-of-a-kind influence.

The focus of your desire and intent is encouragement for us to commit in the power of our own individual design.

Through your Desire & Intent lead us to:
1) Desire−energized by love.
2) Intend−directed by love.
3) Tell−informed by love.

Holding your own encouragement is in the balance of awareness, focus, and love as you persist along the unfolding path of Desire & Intent.

As your story is told through the way you consciously live, we find enduring encouragement for our story−and a better stance in the larger story.

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