Skill 4: A Generational Alliance

True community is not produced; it is invoked and awakened. True community is an ideal where the full identities of awakened and realized individuals challenge and complement each other. In this sense both individuality and originality enrich self and others. −John O’Donohue, Beauty

Mentor as Teacher/Learner of Experience
(Skill 4: Networking)

From my generational experience, I−and many like me−have learned volumes about networking. A lot of the learning contains what not to do and what has actually never worked. So why do so many of my generation still tell those younger to do that same old ineffective crap? Are we demanding they pay some stupid due? This is not very helpful.

Building a network is probably the single-most important thing any worker in the 21st Century can do. Throw out the idea of the cocktail party schmoozer. Throw out the idea of the business-card-pushing conference enthusiast who can only waste precisely 240 seconds of their time on you because somebody much more important than you just walked in the door. −Ric Gonzalez

Mentee as Learner/Teacher in Experience
(Skill 4: Intentional Networking)

We thrive on sharing our world with others. Help us focus our efforts to build communities and participate in social networks in order to grow both personally and professionally. Also allow us opportunities to provide innovative new media to help you build your networks. Together, we have the tools and knowledge to further flatten the world and share our story with others that need to be included. −Jason Guinn

True community is formed by the collective of confident individuals−those who’ve been encouraged in their own voice and who encourage others from that voice.


Trust and Community (Community Trust)

When one trusts oneself, there is creative energy released for universal service. When you trust yourself to keep the commitments you make for yourself, you are more free to give in the world; in your community.

In the 21st Century, community has taken on a more inclusive meaning; our communities are no longer limited by geographical confines. In both my work and personal relationships, my community continues to grow beyond the region in which I reside. The tools of the day remind me that I get to choose who I consider part of my community. The connection that builds community is based on trust.

When self-trust is proven and present, one sees the world in a more positive and loving way. When we feel good about who we are, we are better equipped to offer ourselves in our communities. Grounded in the faith that I will be okay, I am freed to confidently give from the core of who I am.

Confidently committed to my brand of love – clarity of what it is I give in this world – I continue to build my community. Consistently living a brand – one by one – connects us one with another. As you know more of who you are, as you  trust who you are more and more, the world community is influenced to become better.