Courage, a being soaring in the clean, blue sky of soul, coming to ground and running as an untamed spirit, to finally mature on the path that unfolds for the one who trusts the oneness of all steps.

Could beauty ever be a thing fearful? Yet at times we are fearfully stunned by the sudden sight of some beautiful wild part of our self on the inner landscape of Trueness.

From Trueness the spirit of path calls saying, Come, it’s safe, your next step. Then seeing each step advancing into another, as the path unfolds, you discover an energy worthy of your trust, and desperately needed in times when blinded by superfluous information.

Steadily walking as such takes courage.

Courage Unfolding

In the distance behind me
old beliefs fade,
not before in due time
breaking me open.

In anger, freeing me
to see futility
in a way not serving.

In anger to stay
a cowardly way would be,
dividing, judging,
unable to hold together
all that belongs.

Anger fades too
moments beckon
confidence builds.
Courage is stirred
in the clear depth
of who I am.

From fear to clear,
encouraging voice,
I step into the opening
of what lies ahead,
saying, with loud love
what is needed,
for your courage,
for our life
along the path.

–J. Brunson


Your Rhythm in Leading – Part 3 of 7

Courageous Influence

Feel the Rhythm

In the 5th grade, or so, I wrote an essay entitled ‘The Therapy of Work.’ I suppose the commitment to do my part in influencing our places of work to be more animated with love, abundance, and freedom goes back a few years.

Many years later my Mom gave me a box packed with art work I had done through my growing years. In the box was this composition from my developmental years. Seeing it again made me think of those who, intentionally or not, influenced me.

To live from Trueness is to live A New Confidence−a way of being true to self, true to another, where gratitude flows free from expectation.

From the time I was a senior in high school until the very week I married, I worked off and on for a large department store chain. My first position was called porter, or carryout. Among other assorted duties, I took merchandise to customer’s automobiles: TVs, rugs, patio furniture, lawn mowers, (I’ve tied more than one boxed swing set to the top of VW bugs). The management of the store treated me well, but the one individual recollection I hold fast is that of Curtis Luckett.

Curtis was around 10 years my senior. He had a grateful way of being. In checking the shift schedule each week, I found myself actually praying I would have many of the same slots as Curtis. When it was just the two of us, I felt as if I’d hit a jackpot. Working a common shift, he was grateful to be in my presence, and I in his. He was kind, gentle, and in my eyes an incredibly strong leader.

Curtis may have not been my first experience with a sage, but one I shall never forget. It occurs to me all these years later that his courage was grounded in his consistency of being true.

Our unique strength preferences, when accepted at accurate face value, and held in the rhythm serving our Trueness, become a guide to us.

A compulsive need to be right, and anxiousness in looking good, gets in the way of standing firm in the present, especially in the face of relationship challenges. Such need to be right and look good, always at the cost of another, embezzles the storehouse of gratitude.

Courage is what love looks like when tested by the simple everyday necessities of being alive.” –David Whyte, Consolations

Forgiving Assumptions

Christie is practicing a new confidence as she becomes more practically conscious of her rhythm. In everything she does, she is committed to purpose, trust, and authenticity. She is specifically committed to clarity in each relationship, leading to purposeful connection, participative trust, and collaborative success.

Christie is a high-energy leader operating full tilt in her preferred extroverted space as she processes for self and with others. She has an ability to mentally gather information from her observation and rapidly assess it in her open, extroverted manner. Her processing has more than once caused me to smile so largely that I think she could actually hear through the phone the crinkling from my cheeks, mouth, and eyes.

It is Christie’s voice of positive, open intent that sets an example of the confidence we need to see in our leaders. Recently, she needed the guide of her own rhythm as she set her intention toward building a stronger relationship with her immediate boss. She put her voice to work and structured an approach to create a positive, open, and ongoing dialogue with her boss. First, she had to forgive her own assumptions about him in order to enter the conversation and work to bridge any relationship gap.

“It takes courage to allow your voice to have its place.”

Yes, it does take courage to have influence, to be influential. A synonym for influence is encouragement. To have a lasting effect on something, you have to live your rhythm and honor the rhythm of the other. Thank you Curtis and Christie for your impact in this world.

A Leadership Poem: Intense Influence


21st Century Skill Paradox – Part 1

We need your confident leadership in this turbulent and distracting 21st Century. It is a struggle of unnecessary proportion when you attempt to lead void of the time for self that confidence demands. For this reason, your Impact, I consider the first of 7 skills as foundational: Personal/Professional Growth Management.

Hold & Release is a paradox.

What I offer in this writing is for you to open to the truth and blessing found in holding each paradox on the path of growth and development as a leader.

Hold & Release; an active visual that has my attention. It helps me understand the pull I know these days to hold together the requirements I feel from both internal and external forces. This may be in part attributable to the time of life where I find myself. But I also find I am fascinated with the holding of opposites−a reality, that when honored, opens the seeing to beautiful vistas both inside and outside. In actuality I’m being taught the oneness in all I see; that I’m privileged to see.

“Nothing is abstract unless we abstract it.” −Mark Nepo

As Robert A. Johnson says in his book, Owning Your Own Shadow, a contradiction is a quarrel. True paradox is a binding together, a teacher in each opportunity, if we can hold such long enough to see something in the overlap of seeming opposites.

Paradox is a constant reality for you, the 21st Century leader. You benefit from each one only as you hold the two opposing truths together long enough to see what you must release into the intersection that is the more fully formed truth.

When it comes to our growth and development, the distracting contradiction is the mental quarrel that we allow between selfish and selfless as we listen to the narrow, opinionated voice that says we are selfish if we take time for self.

Hold-ReleaseIn order to move beyond the quarrel, you must see a dedication to your growth and development as selfless−making you better for those you lead, influence, and serve. This brings you to the paradox of Skill 1. The two truths you must hold together are Internal Accountability and External Responsibility. It is not one or the other, it is both, and.

In this intersection of truths is your creative tension as a leader. Your leadership boldly enters the 21st Century as you hold this tension, and, from what you see, release into the flow.

In the intersection, in the artful act of Hold & Release, you grow in Authentic Confidence. This is precisely what the world now needs from you, and it is found in this often painful and tense intersection.

Should you not meet the challenge and learning in this paradox, we are cheated as your most authentic strengths remain in the shadows: see the post Shadow Strengths – Chapter One (Impact).

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Reflections for Your Awareness (A Soul Leader)

What’s hard is true, spiritual leadership.  I’m talking about the kind of leadership that comes from your soul.  It’s the kind of leadership that focuses on the spiritual work that each individual is longing to undertake that is hidden behind the guise of the tasks they have to get done. Manage the tasks; lead the people.
-From post 7/09/2011 by Ric Gonzalez, Woo Woo Leadership

Jim is at a point in his life where, in order to be true to self, he must serve consistently. In order to serve as he most desires, and focus on the best outcomes, he must balance himself across individualized significance. As with Jim, our work of leadership is spiritual when it flows from the soul.

Few have the courage to explore publically a topic such as spiritual leadership. The author of the above excerpt does. Maybe it is in part due to Ric’s search for such in his own work. Part of the true leadership experience is confidently doing your own spiritual work; applying personally a principle of self-care for selfless service. Conscious of your own purpose, you increase your ability to respect the strengths and potential of others. As you have discovered for yourself, purpose frees you to focus with confidence on what is most important.

Confident with self, you facilitate confidence for others as they connect through the work. This is leading from the soul. Individuals do not want to be managed. Individuals desire to be led.