A Purposeful Teacher (Expertise)

No longer am I satisfied by (and was never fulfilled by) divisional thinking with everything. What a distraction from the Story!

It was both challenging and freeing to realize I was not my opinions. Simply put, opinions come only from what is external to you: they are not representative of who you really are. If you are not judicious, these externally generated assumptions may saturate to a degree that feels internally authentic. They never are.

A common characteristic of any teacher I most remember is how he connected with us in the learning moment. The teachers that have long since been deleted from memory are those who, sometimes angrily, spewed forth opinion (a.k.a. judgment).

The teacher of purpose seems to embrace the authenticity of the student and how each individual connects for optimal learning in the moment. This is hard work. To the purposeful teacher, she is simply doing what she does best. I have yet to meet a leader who, when clear on purpose, does not also become a teacher within the realm of passionate expertise. These leaders teach from principle and lovingly expect application of what is learned.

For these leader/teachers, the message of impact is when the students become natural teachers within their own passionate expertise. Effective leadership is confidently doing the work of your spirit, eliminating distracting, divisional thinking, and modeling purposeful focus in the story.

Your Magic

It began in unaware impact;
the way you connected me to reality
and waved a wand of alignment.

In the light of personal vision,
each is a special expert.
Rebranded for balance and purpose,
you gave individual validation and holistic profit.

Now aware and authentically conscious;
in the macro, you lead me;
in the micro, you hear me.

I now know my own impact;
I gift others with powerful reality
and share magical joy in alignment.

‚ąíJ. Brunson

Spiritual Service
21st Century Skill: Collective Facilitation
Book 1, Chapter Six: Focus