Reflections for Your Awareness (Fixing Your Network)

Only after your network is fixed can you go be the linchpin, the Great Connector, that you are meant to be. Once you fix your network, you can serve it and its members better.  Once you fix your network, you will realize that yours is just a small part of a much bigger, much more powerful network and that we are all servants of the same human collective.
-From post 6/30/2011 by Ric Gonzalez, Woo Woo Leadership

Fixing a network might simply be in creating a new understanding for:
… Why you make your connections
… What you do in your network
… How you serve your connections.

Your unique purpose as a leader forms a thread of meaning from one connection to another. One by one, connections of meaning form the power of a network. The artful act of connecting forms a creative bounty of connections.

It is meant for you to draw from this creativity in the collective. I believe part of what Ric is telling us is that our service finds voice in our network. Confidently exercising your own voice builds trust in your network and frees the flow of your gift.

The gift of your art flows freely through a confident voice. Your voice empowers the no so often needed to keep you on the path of service. Your network benefits greatly from your living, flowing purpose. Voice resonates in purpose.

My colleague Keith knows that part of fixing a network is the confidence to say no. And while voice gives power to the often required no, it also speaks a confident ‘yes’ to the service of our gift.


Confident Growth

But it wasn’t the format that made the act great. It was the fact that somehow while playing around with something new, suddenly they found they were able to put their entire selves into it. … Put your whole self into it, and you will find your true voice. –Hugh MacLeod of in Ignore Everybody

When learning is an act of intention, we find freedom in something new; fresh knowledge, deeper awareness, or a new way of seeing something ancient.

Leaders are learners. An intentional search for newness is most likely to flow toward a tangible and observable application – an energetic employment of learning that builds a leader’s credibility. As a 21st Century leader, it is important for you to be skillful in deconstructing certain learning, constructing this learning in a new light, and sharing this freely and consistently. Learning is a gateway for sharing your gift in the world.

You don’t search for the confidence to share your gift in the world. You share your gift and providentially find yourself rewarded with the confidence of voice. Your gift is both source and summary of personal impact.

Commit to learning and those you lead, influence, and serve will grow in individual confidence and then give their gift to others as encouragement for them to do the same thing.

(see Skill 1 for 21st Century Leadership)