Transformation and Authentic Tension

It’s the “chicken or the egg” thing I suppose; but does transformation flow from the individual to the collective, or from the collective to the individual?

I say Yes, both … and, very often we do not know where the flow began.

Lake a good daddy for his collective family, the family experience transforms him while his own deep reaching tension transforms the family. The most intense space where such tension (passion) exists is in our individual, authentic core. Are you conscious of such balanced authentic tension? This is your middle … your stand.

I write profusely about your stand as a leader−holding the tension of the middle−simply because I believe this to be the practice we most need in the 21st Century.

“Being authentic opens us. There is no getting around this. When being authentic, we often come close to what matters, even hold it in our hand, and just as often put it down. This is not because we are dense, though sometimes we are, but because it is hard to sustain our presence.”
−Mark Nepo, Seven Thousand Ways to Listen

Your Desire & Intent is a unique, patterned composite of your Impact in this world. In the impact of who you are the world is blessed from your stand in the middle. Your middle is found in the tension where your internal desire meets your external intent.

It takes tremendous courage to stand there.

This tension can be confusing as we too easily assign negativity to the word. The tension to which I refer is the space where polar opposites are held−and both hold truth.

In the leadership journey you become exposed to many philosophies and fads; most trying to sell you an outcome. Not the least of which in the 21st Century are those telling you to be a better communicator and how you will not be successful without connections.

So, here’s what I ask you to process: Learn to hold all things in your middle−your Authentic Tension. The intersection of your desire and your intent is your Impact named. Hold this. Stand there. And then ask yourself:

  • How does this authentic tension inform my communication as a leader?
  • What does this say to me about the connections in which I invest my energy?

Individual impact on the collective is the result of Trueness in practice. From your stand in between your internal desire and your external intent your practice becomes more about being, which clearly guides all consequent doing. The purest communication and the deepest connection will naturally come to you as you live in that union created by the desire that drives you and the intent that draws you.

We are all leaders in some respect. It is time for each to step into the flow of unique, personalized leadership−Trueness.

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Facilitate Focus

Focus is the most challenging of unifying transactions for the leader in this whirl-of-life we know as the 21st Century. Focus clears the path for the leadership others expect of you … the leadership others desperately need you to exhibit. Regardless of where you might be on the chart in your organization, if you are waiting on someone above you to do what you know is right, you are already late with your action; with your own accountability. You have heard it said, Change begins with me. Well, so does accountability.

If there is any hope – and there is – for our organization to thrive in the 21st Century, this hope is found in the confident accountability of the individuals who make up our collective lives. Ignoring this is nothing less than a deliberate plan to fail.

Again, regardless of your position on an org chart, if you are a leader, you are a facilitator. If change begins with you, then you begin  with trust. Success in the act of collective facilitation requires a flow from respect to understanding to clarity. In clear conditions, we can focus both individually and collectively. We can see for miles.

This exhortation is shared as I consider the change in my own work; change aligning my choices and decisions ever more closely to my vision. My experiences of the last 10 years have recently converged in a reminder of the power found in and through the act of focus. For my own impact, it is more important than ever that I continue to narrow my focus and refine my methodology accordingly.

Trust and Authenticity (Authentic Trust)

Reading Marlo Morgan’s Mutant Message Down Under spread yet another layer of shielding as I continue to pound-away at the grip of judgment. As Marlo told her walkabout story with the Real People, I was impressed by the beauty of these individual spirits; spirits free of debilitating judgment.

For me personally, it is becoming more and more clear that all trust begins internally in each one of us. Any trust we experience collectively exists only because individuals have first given trust from the confident core of who they are.

With this fresh layer of protection, I have committed to a new level of intention in the effort of breaking the grip of judgment in my own experience. The breaking is not that of being judged; it is freeing my own mind and heart from the need to judge.

As I am tasting the growing flavor of this freedom, it becomes clearer that trust is authenticated in me. When authentic trust flows from each of us one to another, we only then experience the dynamic flow of collective, creative trust.

Your confidence is in your authenticity. Embrace each experience for its lasting treasure and let the rest go. This is a sure practice for breaking free of limiting judgment on self and others.