Know Thyself – Love in the 21st Century

Indeed I believe the most powerful force in 21st Century leadership is Love. I also know many are on the surface afraid of this word in our world of work. While I strayed from love’s beautiful force at times, I am thankful that love has been a steady lever throughout my work life−and especially grateful I am for a love presence in my journey as a leader, and now as coach, writer, and speaker.

Like my friend Tara, let your impact flow through a unique knowledge of love in the world−a world in need of your brand of leadership love.

Desire & Intent
The journey of love as a leader has pushed me into the ground of my Trueness. The commitment to my Desire & Intent reminds me constantly that there’s no getting out of it, only getting into it!

A New Confidence
As awareness informs a new confidence, trueness tenaciously holds personal purpose.

As inner voice speaks through our being and doing we more clearly see, and embrace, our service in this world.

Even before clarity, purpose is present; has been since the beginning. Service through your purpose is here now. In true presence share with us through your purpose.

Grounded in the pure energy of who you are, and focused on the living methodology written in your Desire & Intent, you have found a place to stand in the leverage of your brand of love as a leader.

The love of which I speak, write, and coach is a personally organic way of being and doing, thinking and feeling, of standing in the tension of one’s own internal and external focus−and standing firm and confidently with the lever of love in hand.


Know Thyself – Desire & Intent in the 21st Century

Your unique Desire & Intent for those you lead, influence, and serve is your Living Methodology as a human being.

This Desire & Intent is what makes you a leader in this 21st Century.

This swirling together of desire and intent forces your presence in the middle; a place of natural tension from which you lead in the balance of Trueness (who you really are).

My coach said something powerful after she pointed out, making me super-conscious of, how I had built my life around my natural strengths−a Living Methodology. She said, “There is no veil between this methodology for you and this methodology for your clients. My methodology of Gathering, Giving, Growing is my story: a living unfoldment.

My work and life are rich because of this.

I desire this for you.

The Living Methodology for you must become your guidance for executing on the most important issue for you, those you lead, and all that is collectively represented.

My studies over the past few years have pushed me into the ground of who I am−my own Trueness. I have become vividly aware of two facts concerning my own Desire & Intent. One is that once committed to it, as I am, there’s no getting out of it, only getting into it. Two is the realization that it is not about soaring or running in the power of Desire & Intent, it’s about becoming a grounded being−a steady walk in my Trueness.

Do not underestimate the importance of Knowing Thyself, and sharing accordingly.

A Soul Dance with Desire & Intent

A soul dances in the harmonious tension of authentic Desire & Intent.

In desire there is attachment as you become conscious of the one thing you cannot help but do.

Through intent you envision the impact of releasing your desire into the world. And the tension builds as you realize the fact that you own no control of such an outcome. This is the call for detachment; you must let go of the outcome.

In the unfolding exploration of my work, I have been blessed with an understanding of the merger of desire and intent. I express the alliance singularly as Desire & Intent. Your Deisre & Intent for those you lead, influence, and serve forms a tension of attachment and detachment.

This is beautiful! Now the dance may begin.

The dance is not to the left with desire. The dance is not to the right with intent. You only find your rhythm by consciously being with, and holding the tension of the middle.

As you give way to your dance, your love as a leader forms providentially moving commitment−a welcome obligation discovered in the beautiful middle.

Skill 3: A Generational Alliance

The message is meaningless unless focused in the clarity of a shared vision−The Larger Story.

How very important to take accountability for your own growth and development, to make every effort to connect in each interaction, and to be clear and unconditional in our messaging. As we link such skills, a world of evolving experience unfolds for us.

Mentor as Teacher/Learner of Experience
(Skill 3: Messaging)

Among my generation I have found (sadly) many who have navigated an entire career unconscious of who they are at the core. More sad still is any system that rewards such unconsciousness.

In this stimulating 21st Century, I’m discovering a wonderful desire common among the generations; to make a difference in life and with work. This can only happen consciously as one holds the union of desire and intent. In this consciousness we discover the message in us, and that we are the message.

Mentee as Learner/Teacher in Experience
(Skill 3: Active Listening and Engagement)

It is likely that we view solutions to problems in radically different ways, using a variety of tools that are familiar to us, but that might not be so familiar to our mentors. Give us the opportunity to prove the value of considering new, innovative solutions to problems. Listen to what we have to offer and provide feedback that will challenge us to deploy our talent and creativity in ways that will best move everyone toward a common shared vision. −Jason Guinn

It is time for a focused generational collaborative formed for the larger story.

Skill 2: A Generational Alliance

The most connective, effective performance management in my career was when there was no process. None. Except … my boss, Gene, and I talked consistently.

This was my first job after graduating  from the university. Gene’s skillful mentoring and dedication to organic dialogue proved to have a foundational impact throughout my entire career.

Mentor as Teacher/Learner of Experience
(Skill 2:Communication and Connection)

The generations looking to those os us older and more experienced need the offer of 3 basic things:
1) Paint clearly the picture of what is expected
2) Guide in the freedom to deliver in the picture
3) Review often, and mutually, how the picture is developing

What is important to you is a powerful guide to those led, influenced, and served. But only if you consciously act in this power. This is your unique Desire & Intent. Trust it and you will be energized for all communication and connection.

Mentee as Learner/Teacher in Experience
(Skill 2: Effective Communication and Motivation)

Make a genuine effort to understand at a high level what is important to us. Carrots and sticks are increasingly ineffective. We value individual autonomy, a culture of connectedness, and an opportunity to leave our world a better place than we found it. Strive to maintain trust and credibility by keeping communication lines open and efficient. Let us know the value related to why we are doing what we are doing. −Jason Guinn

As Jason coaches us, communicate clearly and expect a connection.

Release Love into Skill 7

What is your story of leadership? Is it a love story; a story unfolding in work you love and how you love in your work? Do not be afraid of making this so.

There is a narrative of meaning that is ever-present. We must learn to consciously embrace this narrative. This present narrative is there to assist you in understanding the what, why, and how of being you. … You are applying love in work you love. −Wading the Stream of Awareness (Love Chapter)

Love flows through you, but not until doing its work in you. Building a story with me is your love applied. I boldly write and speak about love in work because I have seen love produce more than all other tactics combined. From much study, it is my belief that any tactic researched was seen as effective because of who was studied−a loving leader.

The 21st Century belongs to the aware, focused, and loving leader. A sequential unfolding of why, what, and how is important in order to lead others in the flow of the collective story: Clarity to Engagement to Connection. Think on how dependent this flow is to the internal flow of a confident leader; an aware, focused, and loving individual.

We love purely when we release other people to be who they are. −Marianne Williamson in A Return to Love

As an aware leader, your inner clarity more easily translates externally for the clarity we need as we latch onto the collective story. As a focused leader, you confidently hold the tension between your desire and intent for us; this is engaging. And as a loving leader, you release each of us to authentically connect as we flow in the larger story that is our work together.

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Release Desire & Intent into Skill 2

This is what I wish for the younger generations: that they embrace and enjoy the journey and are a happy traveler along the way.

Wading the Stream of Awareness
        (Desire & Intent Chapter)



Jason is a young leader I met while facilitating a leadership retreat. He seems to maintain an incredible state of awareness. He is learning things in his youth about being a leader that others don’t often grasp until much later; and through much turbulent experience.

Jason is knowledgeable, yes. But it is what I see him do with that knowing that builds his credibility in the world around him. He is learning what it looks like to embrace the accountability of his Desire & Intent while allowing it to amplify his voice along the way. He communicates clearly as he sorts information purposefully for the other person. He is becoming more conscious of the unique methodology by which his authenticity channels to those he leads, influences, and serves.

I treasure the time I get with Jason. His is a bit younger than my daughter. Is it a father thing? No. I feel a deep connection. Sure, I did things to make this connection (that’s what I do), but its depth was established from Jason’s authentic response.

Jason is a happy traveler, trusting the guidance of his Desire & Intent. Desire is real. Honor this reality. Intent envisions desire made real in the world; and intent cannot manifest anything real without attachment to honored desire.

Like Jason, the vision of intent gives your desire a method in which to release−to do its thing in the world. Release the influence of your Desire & Intent into all communication and allow it to authenticate your connections.

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