Skill 6: A Generational Alliance

You may have noticed a theme building in Jason’s definitions with each of these 7 21st Century Leadership Skills. He is clearly expressing a desire for inclusion; to be in on the why and to be a partner in bringing about a vision (a story).

Mentor as Teacher/Learner of Experience
(Skill 6: Collective Facilitation)

Think of a leader in your experience who truly prepared you for the journey. This would be someone who did not guide you from the periphery of their own context. Instead, they guided from the core of their own experience undeterred by border distractions.

As my wade has taken me to the middle of my stream of experience, I feel the definite current of accountability.

Interest creates energy.

Mentee as Learner/Teacher in Experience
(Skill 6: Guidance and Steering)

Creating interest in a common vision is of incredible importance. Help us to first understand the direction we are heading and what “success” might look like. Then give us the freedom to fill in the blanks by using the particular skills and assets that we bring in a manner that is familiar, comfortable, and productive. Create meaningful boundaries that focus efforts. Then genuinely allow us the freedom to devise new strategies and develop new processes to reach the desired end. Challenge fundamental beliefs about the mechanics of “work” – where, when, and how it must take place. Realize that we want desperately to succeed and that we will demonstrate desired outcomes, even if we use nontraditional processes to achieve those results. −Jason Guinn

More than ever, free the core of who you are, launch into the skill of Collective Facilitation, and share focused guidance with an attentive generation.

Individual and collective impact is a complex outcome from the simplicity of focus−illuminated by your confident stance in the flow of accountability for those led, influenced, and served.


Reflections for Awareness (Energy and Impact)

The notion of separation of our work and personal lives is becoming obsolete.  It is an archaic way of looking at the individual within the world of work. It is a relic of the industrial age. Living dual lives takes energy, and the energy spent takes its toll.  It weakens the individual, lowers their ability to succeed, and adversely affects performance.
-From blog post 6/4/2011 by Ric Gonzalez, Woo Woo Leadership

Donald Davis was Kathryn Tucker Windham’s friend the last 30 years of her amazing life. Noting her incredible stamina of life and work, Donald asked how she kept up such energy. Kathryn answered, “Energy comes from interest. I am interested in so many things.”

Interest creates energy: This resonated in me in two major ways. First as it relates to passion. Passion requires energy. As my client Ken says, “Work in the light of passion is renewable energy.” Varied interests are like a wind turbine; creating energetic passion from a limitless source. Secondly, interest assures performance. Living one’s life in a singular flow – where it is difficult to discern when one is working versus playing – is a path of impact.

Kathryn further energized my belief that so much in life is simply a matter of choice. It is important to open to diverse interests, focus the accrued energy through passion, and choose happiness.

… choose happiness!