Skillfully Generous – Focus (Coming Together)

Dave and John are two leaders who are skillfully generous in their own specialized ways. Each approach, while different, exhibits powerful similarity: Focus−an attraction to a common, collaborative center.

Dave is a natural storyteller. He leads with story−a commitment to the priority of coming together. Dave keeps those he leads in the story. As all are busy with implementation and execution, he continually helps each individual “see” the value of any desired direction, and possible consequent action, in terms of People Value.

Too many in leadership positions know intellectually the right things to do but are held back from generous action debilitated by busyness. Not John. Dedicated to the same priority as Dave to the coming together, John draws individuals toward a collaborative center by simply showing up. As the one in-charge he is anything but elusive. John is committed to his connection methodology of simply stopping by to talk with individuals throughout the organization. He shows up at events where he listens to thought leaders and customers.

Personal presence, confident and open, is the source for focus; a drawing of individual energy to a collaborative center. And the leader’s generous delight keeps us energized for the work of the moment and for the next challenge.

Dave and John seek out information important to collective, focused direction.

Dave’s leadership in and with the story is balanced by his stand that What is for the mind and Why is for the heart. Both he and John know you must have both for people to be engaged.

Whether it is pulling us together in and by the story or modeling for us how to collaborate in the story, it is the generosity of leaders like Dave and John that draws us in and then out.

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Know Thyself – Voice in the 21st Century

Judy (my Coach) and I were talking about upcoming appointments for each of us; opportunities for us to further awareness toward the full value of Coaching. Also, we’ve been collaborating to become even better at the listening that is so key to this worthy work we do.

We seem to agree on one main purpose and value in a coaching relationship:

Helping an individual get out of her/his own way.

I know this; Judy has certainly helped me step out of my own way−thus allowing all to flow in my behalf and for the benefit of those I lead, influence, and serve.

So … when we clear the way, what is it that flows?

I contend that what flows forth, and through all, is one’s Voice.

What is that one thing you hold so close, that if it is not present (and flowing) in each interaction, then you know things will not be as they ought?

Your answer … has identified your Voice.

Identifying, knowing, and freeing your voice is crucial to the process of Knowing Thyself.

Until you have a baseline of knowing, you will continue to detrimentally step in your own way.

Your voice identified−succinct as it may be as you intuitively answered the question above−clearly describes your foundation for service in this world. Voice speaks your story and encourages your role in the larger story.

Skill 3: A Generational Alliance

The message is meaningless unless focused in the clarity of a shared vision−The Larger Story.

How very important to take accountability for your own growth and development, to make every effort to connect in each interaction, and to be clear and unconditional in our messaging. As we link such skills, a world of evolving experience unfolds for us.

Mentor as Teacher/Learner of Experience
(Skill 3: Messaging)

Among my generation I have found (sadly) many who have navigated an entire career unconscious of who they are at the core. More sad still is any system that rewards such unconsciousness.

In this stimulating 21st Century, I’m discovering a wonderful desire common among the generations; to make a difference in life and with work. This can only happen consciously as one holds the union of desire and intent. In this consciousness we discover the message in us, and that we are the message.

Mentee as Learner/Teacher in Experience
(Skill 3: Active Listening and Engagement)

It is likely that we view solutions to problems in radically different ways, using a variety of tools that are familiar to us, but that might not be so familiar to our mentors. Give us the opportunity to prove the value of considering new, innovative solutions to problems. Listen to what we have to offer and provide feedback that will challenge us to deploy our talent and creativity in ways that will best move everyone toward a common shared vision. −Jason Guinn

It is time for a focused generational collaborative formed for the larger story.

Release Love into Skill 7

What is your story of leadership? Is it a love story; a story unfolding in work you love and how you love in your work? Do not be afraid of making this so.

There is a narrative of meaning that is ever-present. We must learn to consciously embrace this narrative. This present narrative is there to assist you in understanding the what, why, and how of being you. … You are applying love in work you love. −Wading the Stream of Awareness (Love Chapter)

Love flows through you, but not until doing its work in you. Building a story with me is your love applied. I boldly write and speak about love in work because I have seen love produce more than all other tactics combined. From much study, it is my belief that any tactic researched was seen as effective because of who was studied−a loving leader.

The 21st Century belongs to the aware, focused, and loving leader. A sequential unfolding of why, what, and how is important in order to lead others in the flow of the collective story: Clarity to Engagement to Connection. Think on how dependent this flow is to the internal flow of a confident leader; an aware, focused, and loving individual.

We love purely when we release other people to be who they are. −Marianne Williamson in A Return to Love

As an aware leader, your inner clarity more easily translates externally for the clarity we need as we latch onto the collective story. As a focused leader, you confidently hold the tension between your desire and intent for us; this is engaging. And as a loving leader, you release each of us to authentically connect as we flow in the larger story that is our work together.

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Skill 7 Encouragement – Encourage Us

In my privileged experience of being involved with the Storytelling Capitol of the World, it has become clear the best storytellers are those who consciously live their own unique story.

There is no influence without love. Encouragement from a secure core of love is radical influence in the world−a power released in the gift of who you are. Your Desire & Intent is an expression of your uniqueness in the world−your one-of-a-kind influence.

The focus of your desire and intent is encouragement for us to commit in the power of our own individual design.

Through your Desire & Intent lead us to:
1) Desire−energized by love.
2) Intend−directed by love.
3) Tell−informed by love.

Holding your own encouragement is in the balance of awareness, focus, and love as you persist along the unfolding path of Desire & Intent.

As your story is told through the way you consciously live, we find enduring encouragement for our story−and a better stance in the larger story.

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A Steady Walk (Free in the Story)

The trust you seek in any situation begins within you.

I talk, and write (profusely it seems), about presence and being present−the unfolding of things in and around us. And yet, volumes could be filled with what I still have to learn about being with in the unfoldment. Lately I have realized the importance of consciousness with each step; a detachment from my need to understand (my own private version of control). Step-by-step, I am holding the joy found in the blessings of experience (one-by-one).

In a reflective time, I have learned what it means to really contemplate and participate in the unfolding flow: “Take a long, loving look at what really is.” I learned this definition of contemplation from my study of the works of Richard Rohr, who also says that, “Contemplation is a way to hear with the spirit and not with the head.”

For me, I suppose it is simply part of my spiritual wiring, but I must learn continually on my journey and share this with you through story and storytelling. For those close, I issue my apology; for both the constant of this and that it is most likely to continue. But you see, this is my love. My desire (fueled by love) is my energy for spiritual service. My intent (guided by love) is confident freedom in spiritual service. My unfolding confidence swirls in the commerce of storytelling.

Yes, building a story with you is my love applied.

Free in the Story

Inside you begin as the seed of trust sprouts,
determined in the spirit with each step.

The gift of intuitive instinct guides focus,
each path individually unique.

You move along a purposeful path,
blessings of experience strengthen resolve.

Resonate voice scripts the scenes of life,
a courageous yes to what is true.

Enlightened in trust you have learned,
love flows through a serving purpose.

−J. Brunson

21st Century Skill: Storytelling
Book 1, Chapter Six: Love

Others and You (Reach)

Trust yourself. This is not a one-time statement closing the issue for good. This internal communication needs to be transmitted often. Most of all the message is one you must unconditionally hear.

The impact of reach begins in your own story. The connection you desirefrom the communication requiredis not accomplished without the story. Desire & Intent is authentic energy from a deep expression of interest. Please do not become entangled in one single act of your own story. Find release.

We need you to be free in your story as you lead us to a larger unfolding experience. We are not led from a larger story as much as we are led to the story: Inspired by our own purpose in an unfolding narrative.

As you seek collective alignment, assist the individual in making a personal connection. Communicate from your strengths to their strengths. What others desperately desire, you gladly share.

21st Century impact is the unfolding story of personal reach. The impact of your purpose is in the sustainable influence of your brand of leadership; as influence grows, reach expands.

Present Passion (From Love to Vision)

What others see as risk, you see as reality.
Passion allows vision;
It is in the crosshairs of your present.

What others fear losing, you claim for energy.
Energy funds passion;
It is the source of art in your work.

What others desperately desire, you gladly share.
Love is energy;
It is an advocate for their confident passion.

−J. Brunson

The Reach of a Story
21st Century Skill: Communication and Connection
Book 1, Chapter Two: Desire & Intent