Know Thyself – Focus in the 21st Century

What is the congruous impact of your focus?

In the presence of a manager who cannot facilitate a unifying focus, we lose hope for the collective possibilities.

Focus is not just doing one thing at a time. This narrow definition does not begin to narrate the story of focus required of us in this 21st Century. True leadership emanates from the flow of inner to outer; from the internal to the external. In other words, your impact in this world is driven forth (pushed and pulled) from who you are.

In the flow of such leadership you can be with us from the core of your experience unhindered by border distractions. In his book, The Courage to Teach, Parker J. Palmer builds his case around one powerful assertion: “We teach who we are.”

As I am studying Palmer’s work, I am substituting “coach” for “teach.” And yes, it is true: I coach who I am! Continually I am thankful for the validation of my impact flowing through my Desire & Intent−my Living Methodology.

In the journey of years, this methodology of focus has helped me discover a simple and complex dedication to a cycle of energy diligently rooted in my true self. Knowing yourself in the balance of internal/external supports how you facilitate peace/unity from the middle−a place to stand in the leverage of your personal focus.

Like a loving teacher (or coach as it were) a leader is known as great as he/she opens broad potential through a narrow and powerful portal of focus−grounded in the energy of who they are.