Trust and Creativity (Creative Trust)

After our first full day of working the 38th annual National Storytelling Festival, I did something completely unnecessary, and frankly stupid. I fired up my laptop to check my email for that Friday. Thanks to a particular operating system that is junk, the recurring problem with loading my user profile came home to roost.

It is hard  to react and create in the same space – a space without calmness and thinking.

This I proved as I reacted to the laptop issue by taking immediate action – action based on feelings. My not-so-nice feelings kept me up until 2:00 a.m. When I needed 6 hours of sleep (not 4) prior to the second 15 hour day at Festival. Only at the end of that second long day (when I wrote this) was I calm enough to think clearly, stop reacting, and choose a better action plan for this laptop on which I run the business I love.

Reaction induces action. Creativity conceives something from calm, confident thought. Reaction is the result of a not yet known chain of events. During my distracting  disgust with the computer’s operating system, I found no connection to calmness that is found in understanding. Creativity is conscious choice flowing from calm, confident thought.

We build trust in and through our individual  creativity. The trust that flows to others springs up in the trust we hold confidently for ourselves.